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Staying Home Has Been A Great Lesson.

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( In wake of Covid-19 many Americans have had to shelter in place. It’s one thing to decide you don’t want to be bother, or need a mental reset, so stay in for a weekend. You sit in your pajamas, watch your favorite shows, eat your favorite snacks, and a tempt to relax your nerves. However, being told you must stay at home, and only leave the house for essential purposes, feels very different. The difference is the right to choose. Never in our current lifetime have we felt as a nation that we didn’t have the right to choose when or how we would navigate our day. Granted, it can be argued that the oppressive feeling of a lack of choice is something black people know too much about. Most dark situations can offer a ray of light if we choose to acknowledge such. I admit the experience of being at home, with both of my kids every day, has been a teacher to me.

May of us know how to manage the schedules of home and work, but far to often we do so by not being in any particular space 100%. It can become difficult to care for self, family, and relationships completely so there are parts of us scattered everywhere. Think about it, our jobs and careers may change but for the most part family is constant. In the daily juggling act, sometimes family gets the least amount of energy and goodness from us. We are so busy having to give the world our best form just to survive, the tired, frustrated, attitude, disregard, and shortage of patience can show itself in the one place that needs our love spirit.

Sometimes balance is not acquired through slowing down or taking the weekend to relax. A pause might not be enough. If the balance is seriously off, we have to hit the stop button. The problem is we never do…there is always a reason we must delay the stop which means righting one’s life is on hold indefinitely.

A pandemic caused a stop. This stop has allowed me to re-create the space that is my home. I can actually see my children and realize they require 100% which is more than meeting necessities in passing. This time as caused me to stop and look around me and take account for how much energy I have wasted. Sistas there are people in out life that we love but they truly are uncapable of loving us back. In this stop, I can see the jealousy and envy I choose to ignore for loyalty sake…the lack of reciprocity is undeniable. I realize my home need love, care, and order. It’s time to find a place for all the laundry and throw out the unnecessary clutter. My space, head, and circle needed a cleansing. At first it was hard to digest the fact that I was more busy than I was productive. My schedule was tight…but compromised in many areas, and discipline was best applied under pressure.

There needed to be a change and in order to get to a space of walking in strength and power…there had to be some truth. Staying home has forced me, and I’m sure many others, to realize I am more. I realize I deserve peace, and I can have peace while walking in my current state of life. Everyday is not going to be peachy, but life can be more than just a busy fest that grinds me down in everyway imaginable while the least about of productivity occurs. I’ve accomplished more in these last few months have I have in several because I was forces to stop, access, reset, and redirect myself.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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