Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Call Center Solutions – What To Look For.

Tweet ( Call center solutions take on an extremely vital role at all companies. Customer service is of paramount importance, especially in the digital age. One negative tweet or Facebook post from a customer could cause significant damage. A call center is no longer a luxury it is a necessity. No customer enjoys waiting on […]

How to Get Your Clients to Trust You Online.

Tweet ( If you are providing professional services to your clients, chances are that you will need to gain their trust before they would open their wallet. This requires a lot of effort, and it is harder to do it online than face-to-face. If you are trying to promote an offline business offline, you will […]

Creatives Can Break the Algorithms – Together.

I just wish that we could go back to the old days when we can create a post and all 500 people that follow you, could see your content and engage with you.  Now, unless you slide in someone’s DM’s and ask them to like, share, comment, etc., only about 20 of your followers will see your content.  Sad I know.  Creatives I’ll leave you with this, continue to create your content don’t be allow the rules of social media algorithms dictate you are as a creative.  You are a creative online and offline, and don’t let any data processing systems tell you anything different.

Keep Your Business Flexible On The Market.

Tweet ( If there is one concept that you must keep in mind to ensure that your business is successful on the market today then it is certainly flexibility. If your business is flexible, then you will be able to adapt to new challenges in the industry and the general economy. For instance, it’s possible […]

3 Ways Your Business Could Be Wasting Money On Technology.

Tweet ( Every business needs to adopt new technology if they’re going to stay relevant and compete with their rivals. The right technology can help to make the business more productive, save you money, and help you to offer a better level of service to your customers. However, you only get those benefits if you’re […]

Apps You Can Use Every Day on Your Phone.

These are just a few apps that you can use to help you successfully run your business from your phone every day.  Every business is different and requires different apps to use.  So make sure that you are downloading apps that are beneficial to your business needs.

Untangling the Web – 5 Ways Internet Technology is Simplifying Business Systems.

Tweet ( Internet technology is transforming every part of our lives. We can buy our groceries online for delivery to our door, buy a full wardrobe without leaving the house, and even view test results from a simple app. It’s clear to see that in all facets of our lives, the internet is making it […]

Don’t Become Someone Else Online.

Don’t become the people online who I’ve just talked about.  Just be you is not just some cliché statement, it’s a lifestyle.  No matter what your flaws are or no matter what level you’re in in life, own it!  Being fake online just to impress your followers is a waste of your time and could be dangerous if you finally meet a person who has built trust in you and you turn out to be a fraud, it’s not worth it.

Cyber Security Talk.

Tweet ( Developing a solid cyber security strategy should be at the top of your list of priorities. All businesses are at risk of a data breach, and you need to take steps to protect you and your customers. Read on to discover some top tips for effective cyber security. Before we go onto some […]

5 Things You Can Use Daily for Inspiration.

Finding online or offline inspiration in those much needed moments in your life is easily accessible and cost from FREE to under $20.  Invest in your inner self and use these things for a dose of daily inspiration.

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