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Sometimes A Voice Can Save.

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( We live in a very fast paced society. Though we have more technology and methods of communication it doesn’t translate to better or more endearing communication. One can argue that the options can lead to more miscommunication and isolation. Granted one of the exceptions is a video call whereby you can see and hear the person you’re talking too. To be honest some of us are quite okay with just sending a text message, or a text on one of the various social media platforms. In some cases, there are those that will come out at say don’t call me text. This is not just the preference when at work, or occupied…this is also the preference when available.

Yes, you are welcome to take the stance that no one should be forced to talk…or call. Just know if you take that stance, it also means no one has to answer you either. Holiday seasons, and many others, can be internally difficult for many reasons. Far too often no one has the “capacity” to lend an ear, empathy, nor care but expect such when the heaviness befalls them. We tend to forget the power of a voice until we are reminded by tragedy that might have needed said voice.

Sistas - Talking.

There are times we need the power of love and care that can be found in the voices we trust. Its just like those moments whereby the voice of an elder can calm anxieties, and give reassurances that are needed just to get through the current minute. We will never know what walls will fall in our own heart, or what breakthroughs we will experience when we reach for our sister in need. Just as she may need to hear a safe trusting voice, in that moment you just might find out you needed the same thing. There is an important principle in the reciprocity of the moment.

When you step up to offer the voice your sistah needs, you may be about to receive the same…and you may not have realized you needed a lifeline. The conversation my start with you hearing an issue, or being a shoulder. However, in the midst of this you feel a smile, you hear a laugh, you get the chance to tell your sistah that you love her. You get to remind her that she is important to the universe, and to your life. You get the opportunity to pour into that sistah…and leave a piece of your heart with her. In that moment you never know the impact of your words and love.

I can’t guarantee that making a call will always save our sistah…no one can. However, we can try. Life is so microwaved right now. So many relationships are failing because the details of care are lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Convenience tends to be the go-to…and let’s be honest its sometimes easier to multitask when texting. Sometimes it seems like capacity my be stretched a bit less if we just send texts. One could also say texting or sending a DM is better than nothing. All of this may be true, but it doesn’t replace the power of one’s voice…and the energy it conveys. All the other methods seem lacking when the worst happens. When the sistah in our village is injured, or becomes an ancestor far too often we are left wondering if there was more we could have done or said. Let’s remove the doubt and find the time to show up for our village…even if its just them hearing us call to say we love them.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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