Saturday, June 3, 2023

Leave Russell Wilson & Ciara Alone.

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( I admit I’ve never been one for Reality TV the amount of messy drama never appealed to me. I truly believe there is an in your face, yet hidden, agenda to make black women hate each other, and to perpetuate a negative narrative between black men and women. There seems to be a constant push to accept all things dysfunctional and negative while actively ripping apart anything that is positive. It seems we can’t stand to see each other win…truly. When someone is with a toxic individual, and with thought they knew better, there is constant chatter about why they should leave said individual. When the relationship ends there is a celebration of sorts, because you know they needed to be away from that craziness right. But heaven forbid they find love, joy and happiness for real.

Oh, and please don’t let them find it in a person that is deemed weird, or “corny” because we must tear them down at all cost. It doesn’t matter if this new person loves them the way they deserve to be loved, and they personify happiness. No, something has to be wrong. Though some of us will celebrate said person…there are those both men and women that will have something to say.

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The couple that comes to mind is Russell Wilson and Ciara. Seriously, the hates need to leave these people alone. This couple appears to be doing right by each other and their children. Here we have successful black man and a successful black woman that openly support one another. We don’t see them all over TV making a fool of themselves being toxic and dysfunctional. We are watching as this man loves on his wife and all that can be said is he’s corny. It’s time we start evaluating how we treat each other as a people and way. Russell Wilson is raising another mans son as his own. A man that could be raising his own son, but instead choose to be derelict and disrespectful to the mother of his child. After Future drug Ciara’s name all over the media, and many thought his behavior was out of line, we have the audacity to speak ill of Ciara being loved the way she deserves. Can we understand the level of ugly, envy, and just plan hate we’re dealing with? Again, this couple has done nothing to now one.

However, we see this type of behavior all over Reality TV. No one can truly be happy for another. Black women are willing to smile in each other’s faces while tearing each other down in a manner guarantee to build up to some cataclysmic fall out that is sure to be utter embarrassment. Black men get to shoot down any Brutha that don’t deem hood, down, or street enough, I guess. So of course, Russell Wilson is square, and Ciara must only be in it for the money, right? Wrong, that sistah has a right to be happy, and so do you. However, true joy doesn’t come by kicking another. It doesn’t matter if Ciara knows you, or if Russell Wilson heard you.

What matter is you choose to speak against people that have done you no harm, and you let that negative energy into your own universe. It might seem like simple gossip but its not. Words are powerful and we really ought to stop playing with them. If we can’t re-define Reality TV, maybe it’s far past time to turn it off. Get back to an authentic reality whereby you can build within your village while pouring love & light into self and others. There is so much more that you deserve if only you’d direct your words and the power of your will towards goodness. In that space one can see others like Ciara and Russell Wilson and speak positively. If you aren’t there yet, cool…just leave them folks alone.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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