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The Hypocrisy is Blinding.

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( There are many character flaws that can be damaging, and definitely require work. Some flaws are subconscious; the person committing them has no idea they are offensive until it is brought to their attention. It happens to all of us at some point in life. It’s apart of growth and living. However, I’m sure we can agree there are offenses and flaws that are known, and they are ugly beyond words. When one takes account of themselves, one must be honest about what they can work and live through. If I’m completely honest, I can’t deal with hypocrisy at all. It is a corrosive disease that eats away at the foundation of any relationship. It is a gateway to soul deep lies, deception and manipulation. It is judgement in the most damaging form, and though it is easily seen…it’s hardly called out in a manner befitting the evil it intends.

When a person is a hypocrite they gossip, speak against, judge, shun, bully, and degrade others for the very same things they not only have done, but for the deeds they currently commit. Hypocrites will condemn another while making all manner of excuses for someone else they deem of higher value or esteem. There can be no trust put into a hypocrite. You might not be the receiver of their hypocrisy at the moment, but you will definitely have your day.

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Every time there is a new scandal that throws community into a tail spin, the hypocrisy that is always present gets a center stage to spew its venom into the universe. Yes, there will be various perspective on any given situation, sometimes we agree sometimes we don’t, but the hypocrisy is loud especially amongst those that indeed no better or boast so much about what is righteous they should know better. It is so easy to drag another for their faults. Where is the grace, mercy, empathy, compassion, and understanding in addition to accountability that would be demanded for self? There in lies the problem. A hypocrite will never give what they expect, as a matter of fact, they are banking on others forgetting or so understanding that their sins will continue to go unmentioned. This must come to a stop. The only way a hypocrite will ever learn that what they do is absolutely unacceptable is to have their specific hypocrisy exposed. That could be deemed cruel, hence why it doesn’t happen.

If you know you’ve struggled, who are you to talk down at someone else in the exact same shows as you. That’s disgusting. There are many people running around here that have anger issues. They have fought spouses, children, other loved ones…some have fought in public. There are people that have been charged with battery and or assault in their life. They are working on anger management, which is positive, they are striving to become more emotionally balances. That is positive, but these are some of the same people that want to discuss “the slap”. Let’s be clear some of these same people that want to hold Will Smith and others accountable, have beat on their own family members in private and public…and were never arrested. Some were not accountable, and they are in no position to speak on another. Yes, we live in a world where free speech allows one to get on social media, and anywhere else, and spew ones hypocrisy without restraint. Just know, there are people that know you watching the hypocrisy happen. They know you’re full of foolishness.

This same hypocritical nonsense, as mentioned, gets louder anytime there is a public scandal. However, we also experience its draining toxic clutches within the communities that we traverse on a daily basis. It lives in family where hierarchy and not coupled with accountability and responsibility…instead there is a need for control. We see it in our places of worship almost for the same reason. Everyone wants to talk about righteousness will walking in hypocrisy. If God delivered you from whatever vices gripped you, why would you talk down on others going through such. If your dad had questionable character yet you feel it appropriate to put him on a pedestal, that’s fine, you will lose your credibility when you hold another man to account in a way your father…or son doesn’t have to be held to account. If you know your mom had questionable character, why would you demonize another woman for the same behavior. Hypocrisy is everywhere, and we can’t see straight for the ugly it creates. It’s time to address this ugly and hold it as accountable as we hold everyone else.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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