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Black History is Now.

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( Every February Black people come together to celebrate Black History Month. For various reasons many have a hand is making sure Black History Month is a profitable holiday. The capitalism is running well, as it is now profitable to appear a though one is in support of the representation of and celebration of the accomplishments of black people. With that in mind, we understand that Black History Month is also the journey of where we have been as a people. This lesson can be very uncomfortable as it is the tale of human horror, and how those atrocities still effect our people to this day. When we look at the “acceptance” of Black History Month we also grapple with the misrepresentation of history, and the attempt to re-write history to make it more palatable for others. Basically no one wants to be deemed as a racist, or on the wrong side of history…even if they are.

Those that would oppress black people would be the same one to turn around a quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr on every media outlet they can access. As we grapple with the outside issues regarding this month, there is the internal argument of is this time only meant for the past? Are me the descendants of more than just the enslaved, and how does reaching back improve now? We know the history, and we hear it regurgitated every year…is there anything new? This is feeling of possibly being negatively impacted by one’s own history is understandable. However, we don’t know all the history, and it is not limited to the past.


Black history will always be past and present. We make history every single day in this country. Every time we look up, we are running across firsts that are taking place. It appears there will soon be a vacancy on the Unites States Supreme Court, and should a black woman be appointed to the court history would have been made. It is important be mindful that many of us were education in a system that did not, and does not, adequately teach history. This means, to answer the previous question, no we don’t know all the history. It can be argued that we don’t know the half. Every year at this time we learn about inventions, achievements, and trailblazers we’ve never heard of. Furthermore, the leaders we hear of often, we don’t know as well as we might think. IT’s fair to say we’re tired of hearing the same information…it’s just important to understand there is so much more information we don’t know that we deserve to know.

Yes, history is an ever moving thing. We are apart of it every single day. Black History is something we should all want to contribute to, but that runs us into the past. Can we fully appreciate the history we are seeing if we are not really versed in its origin? We’ve all been taught that you appreciate more what it earned verses simply given. Achievements is more than invention, education, and wealth; it is also the challenges one overcomes to reach those goals. It’s the story of all those who came before and move us closer to the barrier being broken. No one generation came in and broke down barriers for our people. Each generation is standing on the previous and this is the story of how our journey towards freedom and achievement has been earned. When we can understand such a sacrifice it puts the current historical achievements in context and reminds us that there is a generation that will need to stand on our shoulders. How strong will said shoulders be?

Black History can be celebrated and should be fully acknowledged as American History. However, the truth is we can’t control this aspect of life. However, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. There has to be a passion to learn our history in its fullness, even the uncomfortable parts, in order to truly appreciate it, and the history we see that Is being made every day. The past and present are of the same vain. Our people were groundbreaking then and making progress. We are groundbreaking now and making progress. Just as those that come after us will have to learn of our pain, struggles and triumphs to truly own their greatness…its’s best we remember to do the same.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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