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Wine Tasting Trivia – The Truth About 4 Common Wine Tasting Myths.

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( There are few places that exude as much rustic charm as a winery. There’s just something so peaceful and traditional about rows of grapes growing in the countryside on their way to becoming a much-loved beverage. 

As with many other popular treats, a whole host of myths have developed around wine tastings, so today we’re busting a few of them. 

Myth 1: Wine Making Is a Rustic Throwback

One of the most common myths that has persisted over time in regards to wine tastings is that there’s a group of people who go out, pick the grapes, and then stomp them all up in a barrel. In actuality, this would be a major health and safety concern. 

In many cases, very few people are involved at all in the harvesting process. Large machines called grape harvesters are used in many modern operations, and grapes are turned into wine in a completely hygienic environment.

Fun fact: Grape harvester parts are surprisingly interesting, and your tour guide would probably be quite happy to tell you all about the intricacies of these splendid machines. 

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Myth 2: You’re Guaranteed to End Up Drunk 

This myth probably popped up thanks to movies that showcase girls’ weekends where the protagonist and their friends go on a tasting adventure with the sole intention of getting wasted. While it is certainly possible to find yourself a little tipsy after a wine tasting, you’re not guaranteed to end up this way. Most tastings provide small quantities, and it is common practice to spit out the wine after each taste.

Myth 3: Wine Tastings Are Only About Wine

While the wine is obviously going to be the centerpiece of your experience, it’s unlikely that all you will do is swish and sip this delicious grape-filled beverage. Modern tastings have evolved into a much more advanced experience, with consumers treated to a tour of the winery as well as a meal (or grazing experience) that pairs well with the establishment’s wines (take notes here if you want to know some great wine pairings for home). 

This shift was brought about by a desire to provide more value and education to those who choose to partake in wine tastings. It means that you can make a day of attending just one, rather than a whole collection, of wineries. 

Myth 4: There’s a Right Way to Taste Wine

Because wine tasting is a profession in addition to being a fun day out, a myth that has persisted over time is that there is a certain way that you must taste wine in order to “do it right.” This generally consists of the swish and spit method as that is how many professional tasters do it. 

The fact of the matter is that professional tasters do this in order to avoid getting drunk (you’d have to worry about that too if it was literally your job to drink wine all day). The casual consumer can taste their wine in whatever manner they please, whether that be taking a tiny sip or a massive swig. Spitting is always optional.

Wine tastings are a great way to discover new flavors you enjoy or learn more about locally made collections. A lot of time, effort, and love goes into creating not just the wine but also the tasting experience you will have alongside it. However, the above myths have certainly put a few people off. Hopefully, by busting these for you, we’ve given you a better idea of what to expect. Enjoy!

Staff Writer; Sherry Jackson

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