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The Crowd Dilemma.

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( Life has changes so much for us over the las two years. We know now what it means to see the world shut down. We were stuck in our homes away from life as we know it, while natural disasters and other issues in life raged on. Many lost loved ones to the pandemic, while still losing them to violence, police brutality, and illness that wasn’t covid related. We won’t even begin to talk about the political upheaval that was also taking place. We saw things happen in this country we would have never imagined. However, was a deep desire to get back to a sense of normalcy, while others believed we will need to create a new normalcy. There are simply some things that could never be the same… too much was lost and exposed.

Now, vaccines and all, we must decide for ourselves whether or not it is truly time to get back out into creation. Some argue the moment we thought we were ready the Delta variant happened, and some feel it would have still happened no matter how careful we were. Trauma created barriers in the mind that hinders ones ability to move forward. For many there is a crowd dilemma that is a true challenge to getting to a place of normalcy. I can admit the idea of being in a crown is it’s own trigger now. It signifies to many unknowns.


While some of us are happy to get back to shopping, school functions, sports events, and concerts there are those of us that have a difficulty leaving the front porch for the basic necessities. The idea of going to the grocery store can feel like a panic, because this pandemic has taught us to fear what we can’t see. We fear what we don’t know…and that means who in our midst might be sick and contagious. We can no longer make that assessment based on looks. It is understood that Covid can be contracted from an asymptomatic person. How are we to protect ourselves?

Some same vaccine, some say just wear a mask and social distance, and there are those that don’t believe in any protective measure. The confusion of this is hard on the mind and body. At what point does this trauma send us to therapy because the trigger is literally hindering the ability to tend to one’s business on a daily basis. This means asking a friend if they could grab a few things if they are headed to the store. It also means trusting and using various delivery services to get the basic needs met.

As it appears that we might be seeing some progress betterment in this pandemic, it is hard to ignore that it still exists. One can only pray there isn’t another variant that causes more devastation. One can only wonder if mask removals are happening too soon. What does wearing the mask really cost? It is only upsetting because we don’t want to be told what to do. That’s pretty childish, and dangerous. Nevertheless, navigating this new norm is still and issue, and will take some getting us to. As for me, I am of those that can’t handle crowds now. I’ll have to continue to order what I need and find ways to continue to re-invent home. It will be wonderful to be able to attend football games, and Comic Cons again. Bottom line, it would be great to not have a sense of fear swell up in the heart when it’s time to leave the one place were I have some sense of control.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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