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Get Rid of “Stinking Thinking”.

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( Years ago, I used to faithfully watch the TV evangelist at the time, Joyce Meyer (she’s so much more than that now). She always call negative thinking, “stinking thinking.” I’m no stranger to this stinking thinking as you saw in my previous post about building your confidence. It is a constant reminder to myself daily, to get rid of stinking thinking because it will snowball into fear and keep me from fulfilling my life’s purpose.

I’ve been reading a book called, Unlabel by Marc Ecko. You may remember him from his famous clothing apparel line Ecko Unltd. But Marc said something in this book that will help you get rid of stinking thinking. He said, “Fear can immobilize you, trap your creative voice, and arrest you from expressing yourself.” What is trapping your creative voice? Fear, which is stinking thinking.

Some people (women especially) think that I’m this unstoppable and inspirational being. While most of that is true, I do get scared with mostly everything that I do, but I don’t let that fear or stinking thinking stop me. I press on forward, in spite of my fears. There have been so many souls laid to rest because of their stinking thinking. Not feeling worthy enough to go after their dreams. Telling themselves that they will find their creative voice once they’ve gotten out of debt, the kids go off to college, they’ve obtained a certain amount of money or success, fear right? Stinking thinking!


Harboring these kinds of thoughts in your mind, produces an odor if you will, that over time covers the positive reasons why you should do something, causing your dreams to perish and you become more complacent in believing your fears. So many women that I come across have been the sole proprietor of being a great wife and mother that they have forgotten about what ignites them to take action and do what brings them personally, joy and comfort. That unhealthy fear that these type of women have is crippling them literally.

Another reason that people have stinking thinking is that they believe constantly that something bad will happen if they take action towards something. Example, if I get on a boat, it’s going to drown like the Titanic or if I get on a plane, 911 will happen again. See, stinking thinking. Although all of their reasons are possible, but what is the likelihood of that happening? When you operate in stinking thinking, you are missing out on sailing across our world’s most beautiful oceans or flying high up in the sky to reach your next beautiful destination.

Are you a business owner and afraid to invest more money into your business because you’re stinking thinking is telling you not to. Now business owners must be able to take risks and stinking thinking does not go with a healthy fear of not profiting more from a financial risk. As you know, I believe in the law of attraction, so it all starts with your thoughts. You have to know and believe that if you purchase a service for $1,000 for your business to grow, you’re going to make that money back 10x. When you’re not willing to invest money in that amount or more, into your business, that speaks volumes to how much you really believe in it.

I see this daily. Women will go into debt to purchase expensive gifts and pay for exotic vacations, but won’t take that same amount of money, and invest into their life’s passion or business. Stinking thinking, get rid of it! I don’t have a 10 things to do to get rid of stinking thinking today. But what I do have is this, you will remain stuck in the exact moment in time where you are, if you don’t get rid of your stinking thinking. It’s odor will not only be inside of your mind, but eventually, it will seep through you and people will distance themselves from you.

You are really isolating yourself with those negative thoughts which turns into negative energy. Stop waiting and start now. What’s the worst that can happen? You fail at it? Plenty of successful people or people who simply conquered their fears, have failed before. You can’t let fear of failing stop you. Get rid of that stinking thinking and go after, what’s truly meant for you.

What are you afraid of? What is causing you to have stinking thinking? Get rid of it! Share your thoughts in the comments.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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