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Five Non-Sexual Ways to be Intimate with Your Partner.

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( Don’t get me wrong, sexual intimacy is great to have with your partner but it’s not the be all for maintaining a healthy relationship. In fact, there’s more to relationships than having sex. There are tons of non-sexual ways that you can be more intimate with your partner other than sex.

Below are my top five favorites:

1. Take a stroll around a park or your neighborhood together. You can talk about your day or week with each other, future plans together or whatever conversations sparks just from being in that environment. It’s summertime and the local parks are filled with beautiful flowers and greenery that you and your partner can do to get closer to one another. You can also do this activity when the sun goes down to avoid the heat.

2. Send your partner a nice text. It’s mid-day and you’re both at work, send your partner a “I’m thinking about you text.” This can change a bad or stressful mood that they may be having at work in that moment and your text just brighten their day. Please make sure that your text is genuine and coming from the heart. If you’re not a texting type of person, feel free to pick up the phone and briefly let them know your thoughts.


3. Cook a meal together. This activity can definitely build intimacy between you and your partner. Typically, the woman of the house is in charge of preparing and cooking the meals but it’s so much fun if you and your partner can share that role, together. It doesn’t have to be a Thanksgiving meal it can be as easy as creating a cheese board together or cooking something that takes under 30-40 minutes. Turn on a playlist of music from when you two met, and dance while you cook.

4. Exercise together. Need a workout partner? Your partner can be the best trainer to help you stay in shape. You can help each other while exercising indoors or outdoors. You can make this a weekly or monthly activity to do together.

5. Read a book together. If you and your partner are bookworms, you can both read the same book and discuss it. This can be tricky if one partner takes longer to read books than the other person. You can discuss chapter by chapter or at the conclusion of the book.

Intimacy means to become closely acquainted with your partner and you don’t have to have sex to achieve that closeness. Talk to your partner and get more suggestions from them about non-sexual ways to be more intimate with each other.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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