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Bubbly Baby – 5 Simple Tips That Will Make Daily Life As A New Parent Easier.

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(ThySistas.comLife with a newborn can be exhausting. Advice like “sleep while the baby sleeps” is useless, especially because this is often the only opportunity new parents have to enjoy a bite of food, take a hot bath, or do a load of laundry. It’s a constant and never-ending juggle. Is there a trick to making this challenging time manageable? Absolutely! Here are five simple tips that will make daily life as a new parent easier:

  1. There Are Multiple Uses For Everyday Objects

Did you know that the best nappy rash cream can be used as an after-sun ointment on sunburn? Did you know that baby wipes can double as hand sanitizer (not against COVID) for everyday use? Learning to adapt the uses for ordinary household objects can make daily life as a parent far easier and less stressful. 

  1. Change Your Mindset: Perfection Isn’t Necessary

Parenting is the one thing we all want to know we’re doing correctly. Though there are countless books and parenting manuals, each child is unique, and each parent is unique. We all have our own skills and limitations, so no book or guideline can account for your unique circumstances. 

When it comes to parenting, the entire process is a trial-and-error exercise. With this in mind, make a conscious effort to remind yourself that perfection isn’t necessary. Strive for continuous improvement, and aim to be more engaged, more attentive, and more compassionate towards your children. 


  1. Develop A Daily Routine

Children are better able to self-regulate their emotions and behave when they feel certain about what is coming next. This might involve following a similar order of events each day, especially if you’re staying home with the little ones. Typically, breakfast after getting dressed for the day is a good idea, followed by age-appropriate activities. Reach out to other parents to find what has proven successful in their homes. 

  1. Engage With Your Child As The First Protocol Of Discipline

Did you know that for every hour you spend fully engaged with your child, you save yourself a few tantrums and meltdowns later on? It’s true. Research has indicated that children are more compliant and willing to listen to their parents if they feel heard and if they are given adequate one-on-one attention. 

In a world where parents are constantly pressed for time amid growing to-do lists and stresses, engagement can be challenging. However, taking just ten minutes to put away your phone and engage with your child will offer many rewards. You’ll soon find yourself enjoying fewer tantrums and resistance to instructions. 

  1. Work On Yourself To Be A Better Parent

We can only expect our kids to behave as well as we behave ourselves. For example, an adult who hasn’t developed self-discipline about setting a bedtime routine for themselves is unlikely to be able to teach this skill to a child. Adults who have not learned how to address conflict maturely will have little luck teaching children how to resolve these situations in their own lives. This is why it’s important to work on your own weaknesses if you want to be a better parent. Speak to a self-development coach or a counselor to learn more about doing this. 

The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short

As tired as you are, this brief phase flies by. Before you know it, your snuggly newborn has grown into a healthy toddler, and you’re doing all you can to chase after their chubby legs as they run through the house. Cherish the tiredness, the cuddles, and the cuteness while they last.

Staff Writer; Sherry Barker

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