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What is Your Recharge Station?

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( If you ever have the chance to experience my home, we have chargers everywhere: phone, Bluetooth speaker, laptop, iPad, PS4, etc.  If it has a cord, we probably have somewhere for it to power up so you can go back to using it.   Anytime we lose a cord and/or plug, we get truly upset.  My husband and I are convinced that every charger is supposed to outlive us. No matter how much we paid or the type of product, everything is supposed to keep going.

But…how do we demand something from an object that we do not do ourselves?

I am sure you can make the argument for that fact that the object is not a human, but I do not see that as an excuse.  Everything and everyone has an expiration date.  The length of time it takes to get to that final date depends on usage and care.  The same goes for us.  There will be a day when we no longer walk the crust of this earth.  However, we decide what happens before we get to that date. We have to dedicate time to recharging ourselves so we can continue to live, experience, and make mistakes.

When you think of how to recharge, consider asking yourself some simple questions in order to create the most effective charging station for yourself:

1.  What environment gives me peace? Change and chaos are two constants I know too well. They exist. As long as we are on this earth with others, peace is something you have to cultivate yourself if you want to stay sane in the midst of transition.  Find a place that allows you to create your peace.  Some people see their bedroom as their place of peace. Some people go outside and sit on rocks while listening to the wind.

2. What do I need to develop tranquility? Yes, I said need.  Recharging is something we have to do. So, we NEED to find objects or ideas that help us do that.  For some, a pen and pad helps. For some, it is a racquetball and a white room in a country club.  For some, it is simply a hammock and birds in trees.  These objects or ideas are a necessity to developing a charging station that can consistently keep us energetic and focused.

3. When can I take time to stop and breathe?  Time is one of the most expensive forms of currency.  Most of us do not look at it that way because we think we can exchange it for goods. However, you exchange time every day for something: work, family, and friends.  Each of the aforementioned words are important, but you cannot be anything for them if you are not there for you.  Make time for you. Make time to develop your schedule. Make time to enjoy yourself.  That time is extra special.

My recharging station has always been me alone with a pen and notebook and headphones on my head listening to music.  Give me 30 to 45 minutes of writing, and I can do whatever you need me to do.  Develop your recharging station.  Create a space and time when you can get back to you. You will be amazed at how powerful you will feel afterwards.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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