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Many Parents are Not Complaining.

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( School is starting all over the country and it is a very different start. Some places have students in the classrooms, some schools are opting for a virtual start to the year, and others offer an option. There is a great deal of concern an uncertainty. Parents, teachers and staff have had to weight the pros and cons of how to navigate this school year. Many teachers were in protest about having to return to the classroom feeling that to do so their lives would be unnecessarily put in danger. They has every right to make demands of school administrations and elected officials that would be in consideration of their life and that of their students. Many of us know parents that were more than ready for their kids to go back to school, however that seemed to become an overused narrative.

The argument became parents wanted to send their kids back to school because they no longer wanted to be bothered with their children. Basically, they needed a babysitter. That can be seen as rather insulting to the many parents that are actively involved in the education of their children, and battle with the idea of sending them back to school during a pandemic.

Every parent is not trying to pawn off their child on teachers, many parent work…and are being forced back to work as they try to figure out how to best accommodate their child’s academic development and keep them safe. Patience and working together is going to be a necessity if we are to come together as a community to do what’s best for our educators and children. As we educators and administrators will need an immense about of patience from parents…parents will need the same. Many parents are not educators.

During the school year they reinforce the work their student gets from school, and many of them can supplement during timed when school is out. With being said lesson plans are appreciated, but without proper execution plans are ineffective. Many parents are in the position of having to try to teach their children as many of them are not zoomed into the classroom; they will be assigned work and the parent will be responsible for assisting them with getting said assignments completed.

There are many parents concerned about the education of their children. They may not be the loudest voice you hear because their head is down, and they are busy trying to work with their kids, the school, and home while managing their jobs. Yes, there are parents that see school as an opportunity to get away from their children, but before you label them the majority remember there are teachers that mistreat children and administrators that don’t care.

There are always questionable persons in every group. Remember we are all in this together. This is a time when there is no such thing as norms anymore. Tensions tend to run high as patience appear to be a lost artform, however we do have experience in coming together, and in persevering. Parents, teachers and administrators will have to find a way to exist in a harmonious balance for the sake of our children. This can’t be done if parents are simply dismissed as complaining.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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