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Make Up Your Mind Regarding Peace.

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( There are many sistas right now trying to find themselves in the midst of a world that is rapidly changing. There are no such things as norms it seems. It appears that every time we try to relax into a new sense of normalcy something huge knocks us off balance. We are celebrating, living and in some spaces growing amid this pandemic. Many are choosing to use this time to push self to become more grounded and aware. Self-love, cancelling negativity, releasing toxic behavior, and taking a care for one’s health appear to be recurring themes within community.

We can all agree these are positives steps to take in the journey to become our best person. With all of this goodness going on it seems we are unable to come to terms with the idea of a true and lasting peace. You’d like to think that the above mentioned would automatically trigger peace…not necessarily.

Too many of us are trying to access this space of progress while entertaining elements that do not promote peace. If it is truly a new day, and a time you have appointed to enter a new phase of life boldly enter the space. This can’t happen if you pack a suitcase full of the hurt, disappointment, leeching people and experiences of your past. Dealing with the past is often a process, and no one is saying you will wake up tomorrow with no reminisce of where you have been.

However, change is a conscious on purpose effort. Peace is something that is fortified within and should not be dictated by outside forces. Therefore, peace is difficult to keep when everything penetrates our internal space to the point that there is literally no room for peace to dwell. To have true peace we must be willing to create the necessities for peace to exist.

Maybe that sista friend is always being the drama; you love her but it’s not healthy for you. If you aren’t careful, you’ll sound like her and your peace will be just as disturbed. You love the brutha but he is stagnant and the source of constant pain…love you enough to walk way. Your peace will depend on it. When you get to a place where those elements of discord have been physically removed take the time to embrace more than the outward moves we make; we must be mindful of internal needs. Obtaining and maintaining peace will require us to commit to that decision.

The move towards internal peace is a wonderful decision that can only be implemented by you. This is the moment you decide you will no longer react to life or allow the outside world to rock you to the core stealing your balance. This movement will enhance everything else you are doing to empower self, family and community.

You will find that even in the darkest of time you are able to breathe, rest, and think clearly as you positively deal with your emotions and situations. You deserve this kind of consistent freedom in your life. Just remember peace will require definite change, and sometimes that will include your circle.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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