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3 Tips for Being More Autonomous at Home.

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( Before the global COVID-19 pandemic that took the world completely by surprise in 2020, the idea that millions of people could suddenly end up being confined to their homes for months at a stretch didn’t seem very likely.

Since the pandemic has hit and quarantine has gone into effect, however, many of us have been finding ourselves in situations where we’ve had to figure out how to manage our lives effectively, without being able to venture outdoors for much more than a stroll and a trip to the grocery store.

One message that has been widely picked up by all of this is that it really pays to be autonomous in your own home, and to have things set up in a way that allows you to comfortably hole up for a prolonged period of time, if necessary.

So, here are a few tips for being more autonomous at home.


  • Learn some useful DIY skills, and keep tools and spare parts on hand



With the general disruption of services that has occurred in many places during quarantine, it has not always been possible to have issues around the home sorted out by professionals, as soon as those problems might have developed.

DIY skills are timeless and valuable, and they used to be much more widely spread and even taken for granted not too many years in the past.

Learning some useful DIY skills, and keeping tools and spare parts on hand such as boiler feed pumps, might make all the difference in your ability to keep things ticking along in your own home, while outside society is facing disruption.


  • Come up with some kind of home fitness space, or home gym setup, to the best of your ability



Everyone knows that doing physical exercise and being in shape is great for your health, state of mind, and overall well-being.

Of course, staying in shape and getting a good workout in might be a lot harder to manage if all the gyms are closed.

A great way to become more autonomous and to simply have a more uplifting environment in your own home, is to come up with some kind of home fitness space, or home gym setup, to the best of your ability.

Obviously, it’s not going to be feasible for most people to create an exact replica of a high-end gym in their living rooms. But even just a few pieces of equipment – such as resistance bands, a yoga mat, and maybe a door frame pull-up bar – can go a very long way.


  • Create your own “library” of uplifting entertainment options



If you’re going to be stranded indoors – especially because of something like a quarantine – it can really help to have your own “library” of uplifting entertainment options, accessible at a moment’s notice.

Sure, there are many effective and useful digital streaming services out there that can serve this purpose, such as Netflix for films and TV shows, and Audible for audiobooks.

All the same, you’ll be even more autonomous if you actually have things stored in a physical format, or else saved to your hard drive. That way, you’ll be able to keep your spirits up even if your Internet connection becomes sporadic.

Staff Writer; Carla Brown

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