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Your Schedule is Important.

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( You woke up this morning with a million and one things to do today. However, there are still one hundred thousand things left over from yesterday. We won’t even begin to talk about how much has rolled over from previous days and weeks. Regardless of this Mt Everest of a schedule you get up, breathe, put yourself together, and prepare to tackle the day with vigor and determination. The problem is often not the schedule itself. Some of us are master planners and organizers. If your sista friend give you the mess that is her life you can look at it and piece her entire situation together until there is flowing order. The problem tends to rear it’s ugly head when it is time to execute said order.

The phone rings, text messages come through, notifications chime in, you know the emails are piling, yet most of this communication is not on your schedule. Let’s be honest…our family is often on this schedule. You know your spouses schedule, and that of you children down to a science. If the week looks like it will be hectic you schedule chats with the parents and siblings. This great plan you have orchestrated which is your schedule is important. It is something you will have to fight for, or it will continue to look beautiful on paper.

It is important that you realize you cannot pour out into others when you have not filled up self. You can not help others if you don’t help self. Sista no one will manage your business for you. This means you have to acknowledge the spaced by which you time is wasted on things and others that render your schedule unimportant. Social media can’t derail your day unless you allow it; if you do, you have made your schedule unimportant. Those grown women sistas in your circle that demand of your time day in and day out while pouring nothing into you, yet know you are buried in work don’t value your schedule. It is very important to be unapologetic when you know every second of your day has a purpose, and honestly you can’t afford the down time. No, everyday won’t be like that but when we don’t manage the days that are…we create spaces where we are bound to feel overwhelmed.

You have been burning at both ends of the candle. If you have that close friend or relative that feels abandoned when you are trying to shower, or feels neglected when you are working understand that is not healthy. Realize that person is being selfish in that moment, and they are not volunteering to help you get work done. When you end up on overload, they are often silent or give one line response to your anxiety and stress. When you have taken the time that was meant for work, laundry, the kids, or whatever was necessary and burned it on Facebook there is no one to blame. You ought not get agitated with the world feeling that no one understands.

Furthermore, you are sending a message to others that you have plenty of expendable time when that is furthest from the truth. Your schedule, which equates to the moving parts of your life, is important. Value that schedule, and demand that others value it in kind. Be unapologetic about taking care of your first order of business, you and your household. This will allow you to actually taste and enjoy relaxation. It will also expose to you the relationships in your life that need to be re-defined or ended as they are toxic. Make you and the work you do a priority without excuse.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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