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Gardening Is Good For The Soul.

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( The daily grind of working and dealing with stressful situations gradually chips away at you over your lifetime. So it’s essential to take time to restore your energy and bounce back from setbacks with multiple self-care practices. Otherwise, you risk becoming trapped and wrapped up in a whirlwind of non-stop work and drama. 

Gardening is a positive way to restore your soul and bring about the best version of yourself. It teaches gratitude, caring for and nurturing nature, having respect for the world we live in, and feeling confident about your ability to build great, and beautiful living things, for you, your family, and local wildlife to enjoy.

Slow Down

Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace. — May Sarton

Patience is a virtue, and slowing down, to live each day purposely and with intent will do more for your soul than living on auto-pilot and going through the motions. 

While sitting in the garden, walk barefoot across the grass, smell the aroma of fresh lavender, listen, and observe the birds flying and singing. While gardening, take time to potter around and see what plants need bringing back to life, order a Mulch Delivery to protect the soil from weeds and maintain the earth’s temperature, take time each day to water and prune shrubs and trees, and create a garden you adore. The garden provides a healthy activity and a place to live in the moment and appreciate your surroundings.


The world is consumed with artificial products, lighting, noise, and harmful pollution. Now and then, it’s essential to step away from life in the fast lane, and into your garden. Taking time to chill in your own Eden will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance, allowing you a moment to reflect, let go of stress, and heal. Nature will aid in healing your soul; you just need to let it.

“Gardens can aid in physical, mental, and emotional healing in myriad ways,” says Chris Fehlhaber, assistant horticulturist at Chanticleer Garden in Wayne, Pennsylvania.


To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow – Audrey Hepburn

Hope is a driving force that embodies trust and expectations that keeps us going through challenging situations. It’s a part of maintaining a healthy well being and gives us the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Creating a garden exercises your desire to strive for a better life, and hope that your hard work and dedication will return a positive outcome, such as leading your garden to flourish. A feeling of which shall spill over into other areas of your life and keep you going during difficult times. Positivity breeds in nature; your stress levels reduce, and you’re able to think clearly and sleep better at night. 

There are a few pleasures that come from a garden. One is the process of gardening, which entails some energy, effort, creativity, and resourcefulness. Then follows the reward that follows and enjoying the fruits of your labor. And the last is a combination of the two, which both benefit your soul.

Staff Writer; Sherry Jones

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