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4 Tips to Look After Your Loved Ones During Self-Distancing Times.

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( The lockdown, self-distancing rules, and travel restriction have had a significant impact on many people’s lives. Some have found themselves in another country unable to travel home, others are only in a town not far away from their families’ one, but they are not allowed to drive there. Moreover, while for some, this particular time has turned out to be an excellent opportunity to start a new project, others might be struggling with solitude or depression. Reaching out to others can seem a simple gesture, but can truly brighten up the day for your loved ones.

Make time for a call or virtual catch up

Many professionals have started working from home, a change that does not come without a fair share of challenges and obstacles. On the other hand, many others have become busy with side hustles to regain the financial stability threatened by the pandemic. However, for how busy you might be during these times, reaching out to others should never be overlooked. You can do so by having a virtual catch up with your friends, or ring your parents for a coffee together. In any case, it does not have to be a long conversation, but just a way to show support.

Let them know you are there.

Even if you feel like these times at home have been challenging for you, others might be going through the same rough path. Getting in touch, sending flowers, or just dropping them an email can be an excellent way to let them know you are there for them. Moreover, helping others has been seen to be a unique way to look after your mental health, especially if you are facing these tough times alone.

Look after your health.

Getting in touch with others and deciding to call your friends might come easy to someone happy and satisfied. However, someone who might be struggling with mental health issues might find this an impossible obstacle to overcome. Therefore, looking after your mental health is necessary for you to be able to help others.

Everybody has different ways to keep happy, and you might have to find the routine that works best for you. However, exercising, spending time among nature, dedicating yourself to a new hobby or activity, and following a nutritional diet are excellent ways to keep morale high during these hard times. And nothing stops you from inviting your partner to join you in these activities!

Get in touch with a professional

While we all wish for our loved ones to be safe and happy, sometimes you might need to consider consulting a professional. This step is a difficult one to take for many individuals and couples; however, reaching out and deciding on partner support counselling can yield endless benefits. 

Especially if you are self-distancing with your other half, finding a balance and looking after the other person’s health is essential. However, if you are aware of someone who might be struggling, don’t hesitate to ask if they fancy having a virtual coffee and catch up soon!

Staff Writer; Latasha Brown

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