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Stop Cheating Your Family.

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( Today many of our people are realizing they need more than one stream of income, and they are acting upon that realization. With the help of various social media platforms, it is easier to reach the masses to sell products. Many of us are encouraging our family and friends to monetize the hobbies they love. If they are making soaps, body butters, wigs, hair products, and other products we encourage building a business. If you are a writer, web designer, or can teach a class you are encouraged to build a brand by marketing your ability. This is amazing and if can create communities worth of new income that can lead us to wealth. This would cause our people to be less dependent on the government and others to meet our needs.

Furthermore, we’d have more control over our day to day schedule allowing one the flexibility to be more hands on with family, kids, or just enjoying life. The thing is, when we get together at the coffee shop, or wherever our sister circle convenes we encourage each other to price our goods properly. One can’t eat discounts and handouts so respect your work and charge accordingly. The problem is too many people close to us feel this applies to everyone in the world but them.

If you are truly supporting the endeavors of your sisters one of the ways you can show them you are on their team is to simply stop cheating them. Think about it, when you go shopping there are various places whereby you’d love a discount, or coupon, if the store offers one but you are prepared to pay full price for the items you want. When we walk into establishments owned by other groups you know better than to go in there looking for a handout. These people are strangers, yet you are willing to spend good money buying what they offer which is in turn building their community. Did it ever dawn on you that is truly an insult to take food out of your own sisters’ mouth while feeding the wealth of a stranger?

It’s time we understand that the one place we should be willing to pay full price is with our sisters, and our people. There are times we need to support them by saying sis I don’t need the discount let me support you fully. You support is not just in the exchange of ideas, and verbal encouragement…it is in putting your money where your mouth is. Let’s stop asking our teacher sisters to tutor our children at a discount, stop asking your writer sisters to write for change, stop asking the sister that makes the products that grow & protect out crown to give us what we need for free. This is cheating the very women we proclaim to love and want to see win.

When you encourage your sister to charge appropriately be willing to pay her price. Don’t focus so much on the hook up that you cheat the very women you say you support. Buying Black should include the people you know at full price. It’s one thing for those you know to gift you something…it’s cheating them to expect everything at a discount, or free. Let’s do a better job of building up the businesses we encourage. Pay full price for the services and products or sisters, and people provide.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele


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