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How You Can Find More Hours In The Day.

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( Whether you’re an entrepreneur, parents, student, or a combination of all three and more, there is always a desire to find more hours in the day for you to get everything that you need done, well, done. It feels like no matter how hard you try, you always struggle to make these hours disappear from nowhere. You’ve attempted to eat lunch at your desk, you’ve tried picking up the pace when walking to work. You’ve even tried to train your eyes to work independently so that they focus on two things at once.

But nothing has worked. 

However, there is still hope, and if you’re looking for more hours in the day, you might be able to find them here. 

Develop a Routine

People are naturally attracted to a routine. It helps calm us. It makes us feel safe and secure, but as fantastic as routines are, they are also easy to fall out of. However, by sticking to a routine, even on days off or days that don’t start as well as you’d hoped, you’ll be able to find more hours to get things done.

Getting into the habit of doing things, no matter how small, will allow you to get into a flow, a groove, something that will soon come naturally. It might take some time to get used to your routine at first, but once you do, you’ll find that you’re not as disorganized as you first thought. 

Let The Machines Take Over

A significant reason that you feel you don’t have enough hours in the day is that you’re wasting too much time on smaller, menial tasks. Even if they don’t take too long, these minutes here and there can add up, so it’s worth considering how Business Process Automation can help improve this. 

By allowing the machines to do the little things for you, there will be plenty more time for you to focus on the tough tasks, and this means you won’t need to rush through anything and ensure that your work is completed to the highest standard.

Don’t Put Off the Hard Stuff

The hardest projects, the most prolonged tasks, the most daunting emails, these are all things that we put off in place of doing easy things like checking off our schedule or planning what to have for lunch. However, while doing the easy stuff first is more comfortable, there’s also the risk of you cruising through. You know it is so easy, so you don’t push yourself to get it done quickly. 

This can be a problem. As if you take too long and procrastinate through the morning, you’ll not leave yourself with enough time to get the hard stuff done. So, get to the hard stuff first, but if you need a break, don’t be afraid to get the little things done in between.

The 25th Hour

There is no such thing as the 25th hour. However, finding more time by eliminating time drains throughout the day will make it feel like there is. With these methods, you can feel more confident in your work, less stressed, and have more freedom to do what you want when you finish early.

Staff Writer; Paula Love

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