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How to Develop a Healthy Morning Routine Habits.

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( Most successful people begin their days at 5am (even on the weekends).  No matter what your lifestyle entails, you can create a healthy morning routine that benefits your health and enhances your productivity daily.  Instead of spending that extra time you have before your day starts scrolling through social media, or pressing the snooze button ten times, wake up and develop these healthy morning routine habits:

Write your to-do list the night before:  To avoid the morning rush of things to do, consider writing out your to-do list the night before, therefore, you can start your day off right and not waste time brainstorming.

Drink a glass of water (w/ lemon):  Nothing wakes the body up more than a refreshing glass of water.  Research says that adding a slice of lemon to your water in the morning gives you a large amount of vitamins, freshens your breath and aid your digestion system.

Determine a time to wake up to complete your to-do list:  Now it’s time to wake up.  Prioritize how much time you need to complete your to-do list and set your alarm for that amount of time before you’re scheduled to start preparing for your day.  For example, if you start getting dressed for work at 7am, and to complete your to-do list takes 1 hour to complete, wake up at 6am.

Work on your side hustle:  Get your side hustle on during the morning before you start working your 9a-5p.  Working on your side hustle in the morning is essential to the growth of your business and if your business is growing, that means your revenue is growing!!!!!

Review your budget or bank balance(s):  Check on your coins daily.  Transactions could have been made through the night while you were sleeping.  Review your budget or checking and savings balances every day.  This will show you where you’re at financially and help you plan your financial goals for where you want to be.

Pack your lunch or other snacks for work:  You can save money simply by taking a lunch to work daily instead of buying fast food every week.  Pack those leftovers in the morning for lunch and your wallet will be happy to stay cozy inside your purse or pocket during the lunch time rush hour.

Read something motivational:  Feed your mind with a dose of motivational reading.  You can read an article in a magazine, a blog post, bible, devotional book, newsletter, etc.  Just read something that is uplifting.  Stay away from reading the newspaper or turning on the news.  It’s not something you want your mind to absorb, first thing in the morning.

Take vitamins or make a smoothie for breakfast: Build your immune system early in the morning and do this daily.  Vitamins are beneficial for those nutrients that our bodies need daily and vitamins gives us that boost of energy that we need throughout our busy day.

Scan business related emails:  Take a look at your work emails.  DON’T respond, but just scan them so you know what your day will look like at the office and make sure you don’t miss a new deadline that came through in the middle of the night.

Take your time developing these morning routine habits, don’t rush or pressure yourself to do any of it.  Your mind, body and soul will thank you once you develop these habits daily.  These morning routines will change as your responsibilities in life change and/or once you create new habits.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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