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Use the Front Door.

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(ThySistas.com) We are use to hearing people say the world is a dangerous place. Every time one turns on the news there is yet another report of violence of some kind. Granted, during the holiday season there is an increase in assaults, and violence surrounding theft. Every holiday season we are reminded to be more alert, put purchased in the trunk, have security escort you to the car if its dark and you are parked far away, don’t go out shopping alone at night, and many other tips like these. This season we not only have to watch out for the previously mentioned, but we must also keep an eye out for kidnappers that are apart of human trafficking, sex trafficking, and harvesting organs. This is a deeper concern than just theft, and this isn’t happening because of a season…it’s been happening, and the frequency is increasing. Though these kidnappers can snatch anyone they seem to target black women at a higher rate. Sistahs are seriously disappearing off of our streets, and this issue is not getting the attention it deserves.

This is just more proof that the lives of black people don’t matter in this country. if white women were being snatched of the streets at this rate there would be public outcry and news coverage. What is happening should not happen to anyone. This isn’t prostitution…these sistahs were sold into a slavery. That is what trafficking is. Our vigilance can’t be confined to parking lots and shopping locations; we must consider out safety in our own homes.

Many of us know about houses that have multiple points of entry. There is the front door and sometimes a back door and/or carport door. In many instances only the front door has a peep hole, or a way to see who’s in front of the door. With everything going on right now people should have to use the front door. Unless you are expecting family or friends why would anyone think it’s okay to go to any other door but the front? This can be a serious safety hazard. Predators are in all areas. We should not be naïve as to think our neighborhood is one a predator wouldn’t case. Furthermore, if one lives in a vigilant black community whereby neighbors are known the risk isn’t as high, but safety is still very important. No one should gain access to your home in a manner that makes you uncomfortable. Know what is acceptable to you, verses letting people enter your home based on what works best for them.

I remember living in a neighborhood whereby the houses functioned like apartments in a sense there was a leasing office, maintenance, and monthly home inspections. There was a front, carport, and back door but the only peep hole was on the front door. One holiday season there were several people that would come into my secluded neighborhood that was majority black and knock on carport doors knowing you can’t see them. Most of us didn’t answer the door just alerted the police that there were suspicious people walking around.

Yes, black people should call the police if they see too much suspicious behavior in the streets and stay inside. Well, the one neighbor that answered the door was assaulted and robbed. The situation was so upsetting as I knew the neighbor very well and they were severely hurt. This began my stance of use the front door. If I can’t see, I’m not opening my door. I realized nowhere is so safe that I can let my guard down. Given the season, and just in general, have folks come to your front door. Please do all that you can to stay vigilant and safe. The world needs your light.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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