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2020 Can be Different if you Do Something Different.

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( When we come to the end of a year the reflection begins. Many of us have seen the picture of the sister walking away from blocks with negative words on it as she’s stepping into positivity for the upcoming year. So many of us are talking about what we not doing in 2020, and what we not dealing with. Everyone’s tired of the drama, needing to make serious transitions, working on self, and not letting anyone disturb their peace. The interesting thing is there are some of us that have made strides in 2019 in the area of self-growth and we are looking to continue that in 2020. We decided in 2018 a change needed to be made and began making the adjustments in 2018. With that being said…it can be rather annoying to hear the sisters you know go on “I’m not dealing with it in 2020”, and “Ya’ll will be dealing with a new me in 2020” rants. The problem is it’s the same rant every single year. This comes on the back end of a year filled with repeated situations, and lessons unlearned. The bottom line is this…if you are not willing to actually do something different in 2020 you will deal with the same foolishness that ran through 2019.

Social media allows everyone the platform to talk about whatever is on their mind. Too many sisters use their platform to post every move, rant, breakup, make-up, fallout, passive-aggressive low-key shot, and look at me moment. In this space those that don’t know you read what’s going on, and those that know you hear it on the phone while seeing the craziness on their timeline. They can give advice until they are blue in the face, and it often goes in one ear and out the other. Phone calls are made just to ask questions that don’t want answers. The drama is always someone else’s fault and too many of us feel we are getting what we don’t deserve. Sisters, sometimes thing happen that is on someone else, but far too often the fault does lie with us in some way.

Drama can only enter your life if you allow it, and poor judge of character does fall on us. Repeating the same mistakes does fall on us. Furthermore, some of us can be pretty ugly to people that are close to us, and we expect them to understand not realizing we are sowing that energy. When you mistreat someone, you will get it back and you do not get to choose how. It’s time we pay more attention to self, take some wise council, have a space of discretion in our life, stop mistreating folks those that love us, and deal in some self-honesty we can really talk about having a different kind of year.

We’ve all heard that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting the results to be different. To have a dynamic 2020 you must stop playing denial games with self. The thing is there are people in your life that you genuinely rooting for you to win. They love you and are in your corner…they many have also tried to say some of the same things only to be ignored or verbally attacked. They had their allegiance to you questioned because they were loyal enough to you to tell you the truth.

Let’s actually mature and move on from that. Make the changes needed to have a better year. It will require work, sacrifice, adjustments, and a brutal honesty with self that can hurt but it needed to heal and grow. Choose you this year for real, and put in the time and effort to have a different 2020.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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