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When Is It a Smart Idea to Hire a Lawyer?

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( A lot of us try to do everything in our power to stay out of trouble. We make sure to pay our taxes on time, we drive within the speed limit and we obey the law. This is so that we can avoid getting into trouble with the police which can lead to a lot of problematic consequences. You might find it hard to find a job if you’ve got a criminal record, and a DUI charge might raise your car insurance premiums.

It goes without saying that the more you avoid trouble, the better your life will be. However, you might eventually face a situation where you need to speak with a lawyer and get professional legal advice to help you deal with difficult circumstances. So in this article, we’re going to discuss when it’s smart to hire a lawyer and also touch on a few circumstances where you don’t need one.

Starting up a business

Businesses are complex and require a lot of assistance, hence why it’s vital that you speak with a lawyer and ask them for assistance when it comes to things such as trademarks, copyrights and other legal matters that are related to business.

Minor criminal offences

Even if it’s something small like arguing with a police officer or a drunken brawl with people at your local bar, it’s important to speak to a criminal lawyer such as Morgan Benfield to help ensure that you can be let off without the offence causing much damage to your reputation.

Family-related issues

Be it a divorce or custody battle, any kind of family-related legal issue should be dealt with by a legal professional.

Accidents that result in injury

Accidents and injuries are among some of the most common legal situations where it’s essential to have a lawyer or attorney.

Buying and selling real estate

Planning to buy or sell a property in the future? If so, you’ll want to make sure you speak with a lawyer to help you with the formalities. Even if you don’t call on their services on a regular basis, having professional legal advice available to you will ensure that you make all the right decisions when buying or selling a property and avoid being conned.

When you don’t need to hire a lawyer

  • Small disputes that don’t involve a lot of money. This can include neighbour disputes or minor nuisances at work.
  • Traffic tickets should be handled by simply paying it, especially if you’re in the wrong. You can appeal, but it’s often not worth the hassle or trouble.
  • Lawsuits that you can’t fight against. If you know you’re going to lose or simply don’t have the resources to fight back, it’s better to just appear in court without an attorney.

We hope that this article has proved useful in helping you decide when you might need a lawyer. Though they can be expensive, it’s one of the best ways to ensure that you’ve got the legal protection and advice that you need.

Staff Writer; Lisa Brown

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