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Smart Ways To Green Your Business.

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( As environmental issues become an increasingly huge concern, businesses are expected to manage the impact they have on the planet. Even small ventures can have a huge impact, but it’s up to you to decide whether that impact is good or bad. Along with the environmental gains, adopting sustainable practices will improve your image and lower operating costs, meaning that doing so benefits everyone. With that in mind, here are six smart ways to green your business. 

Install A Bike Rack

The drive many of us take to work each morning is damaging the planet. Although it may seem as though there is nothing you can do about the journey, that isn’t necessarily true. By installing a bike rack outside the office, you make it so that your employees can store their bicycles safely. This alone could be enough to encourage your staff to ditch their cars and cycle to work instead.

Allow Flexible Work Hours

The cost of heating and lighting an office is huge, which is why most entrepreneurs work from home for as long as they can. Most business owners assume they need office space once they begin hiring employees, but, with today’s technology, it’s easy for entire teams to telecommute. Not only will this save the company money, but it’s better for the planet and employee wellbeing. 

Create Less Paper Waste

Companies waste many resources, but paper is one of the largest. Rather than storing hard copies of documents, you should save them to the cloud. With professional IT support, like Capstone IT, the cloud is easy to implement and manage. As well as reducing waste, this will save the company money and make it easier for teams to collaborate on important projects. 

Sort Out The Trash

Throwing all of your waste into the same trash bin might be convenient, but it’s far from ethical. Unless you separate recyclable materials from general waste, they will end up the same landfills. This is why you must make sure that the office has at least three bins. With a bin for paper, a bin for plastic, and a bin for general waste, you ensure that at least some of the trash is used again.

Replace Your Old Equipment

As technology gets older, it becomes less efficient. This means that it uses more energy to perform the same tasks. Although maintenance can slow this down, all devices stop working properly eventually. This is why you should replace your equipment with newer versions. While this would be a big investment, you’ll save money right away, as your energy bills will decrease. 

Make A Difference Together

Teamwork is crucial in a business. After all, if your employees can’t work well together, they won’t be very productive. It’s for this reason that many companies host team-building days. Rather than visit an escape room or fight in sumo wrestling suits, you could arrange activities that make a difference. Your staff could clean a beach together, for example, or plant trees. 

With the advice above, you can reduce company overheads and save the planet. 

Staff Writer; Lisa Moore

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