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The Gaming Console isn’t Always an Enemy.

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( Quality time, and intimacy is very important in a relationship. We want to feel like the man in our life is paying attention to us, and our family, in every aspect possible. There are sisters out there that are huge gamers. They love video games, and have an online community that supports the gaming part of their lifestyle. Relationships have been formed around gaming consoles, but this isn’t the case for everyone. There are some women the see video games as distraction in their relationship that takes time from them. If you are in a situation whereby all that happens in gaming, even when things go wrong, the uneasiness about gaming is understandable. However, it’s important to realize every man doesn’t have an unhealthy relationship to video games, and it can serve many positive aspects for that individual. Furthermore, when he’s gaming you know he’s safe.

The topic of men and their video games, despite the rising number of women games, continues to be a sore spot in relationships. Some women feel the game replaces the time they should be spent together, and for some it’s seen as a way to deflect issues. Instead of opening up, and talking to them some women feel like men bury the problems and just play the game. They feel they are trying to communicate, and the game is the brick wall their words are hitting. Sometimes we mistake their need to unwind from work, and/or process the challenges they face as blocking us out. Truth be told they aren’t at the strip club, or at a bar. The brother is at home with you playing the game. You don’t have to be worried that he could encounter the wrong traffic stop or situation that could be damaging to his health or deadly. He’s at home with you on the game.

Sometimes we work through our challenges, and unwind in various ways that doesn’t our man. Playing games on the phone, talking on the phone, some of us need to chop seasoning and create through food…or maybe that’s me. The bottom line is we have activities that could convey the same sentiment, but we know blocking our man out isn’t the intention. This is something we have to keep in mind where fairness is concerned.

One could also look at gaming as a bonding moment. If there is something you love doing introduce him to it, and you never know it can become something you share together. This can also be true for gaming. Try playing with him…you might find it enjoyable, and a positive way to settle some lightweight disagreements or aggression. In that way the gaming can start off as playing, but leads to the intimacy you are looking for. In that space the game isn’t an enemy.

It is understandable that nothing should stand in the way of needed communication whether it’s a video game or another past time. There needs to be a space for quality time, and growing together. Understand this time can come to include gaming and other pastimes. No hobby should be an addiction because it will cause discord. Just know that sometimes playing the game is how your man is decompressing, and trying to work through the issues on his mind. In this area we should probably leave him to the game, or join him.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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