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Continue to Bathe.

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( There are articles that have been popping up lately suggesting people bathe less. Honestly, I was surprised it seems that washing is coming under fire. First the CDC suggests not washing chicken, and now someone says don’t wash ones body as often. How often we should wash has varied. Some say bathe once a week, some say three, and others say every other day. All of this sounds foreign to me as I grew up in a household, and community, where cleanliness is important. I’m trying to understand a space whereby one ought not bathe daily if the provisions for such is available. Apparently, washing daily is harsh on the skin. Bathing too often is being labeled as the cause for dry skin, and some skin conditions. However, we are reminded about germs, and illnesses. If I should wash my hands and germ-x several times a day…shouldn’t I bathe for the same reason?

I understand that with new research, and information, comes change. Knowledge allows us to find new ways to do things, and correct behavior that was once seen as relevant but has been disproven.  There has been improvement in the soaps and cleansers we use, the moisturizers, and even the water if you fancy filters. However, I never thought I’d see a time where we’d be told to bathe our body less. This is not a situation addressing someone that is addicted to bathing and washes more than twice. I might have understood if they said was in the morning or evening, but don’t do both because it dries out skin. Even if it wasn’t something I was not willing to implement I would understand. However, not bathing daily doesn’t make sense, and I don’t really want to understand. If someone has a medical condition that’s understandable, but as a general practice I can’t agree.

We know there are germs everywhere, and some people come into contact with hazardous environments. They need to cleanse their body to prevent skin and health issues. If we are in constant use of hand sanitizer, we should consider keeping the body clean. Elders use to tell us children if you used the bathroom today you need to wash your body. As I grew up, I began to understand and they are right. Some of us live in climates that reach extreme temperatures in terms of heat. Stepping out the house can cause sweating.

Wash ups and deodorant can only do so much to keep body odor at bay. It’s good to refresh one’s body, and wash away the sweat and impurities. Even if it’s cold one could argue as previously you used the restroom, and the body sheds skin daily…to take a bath. For us women there is a time of the month whereby bathing daily, and sometimes more than once a day is necessary. Monthly cycles scream take a bath; dealing well bodily fluid and odor demands such.

Not bathing can lead to skin problems, and even sleep issues. It’s hard to sleep when you feel itchy. I’m willing to concede to experts about a few things but the frequency of bathing isn’t one of them. There are an endless list of reasons to bathe on a daily basis if possible, and not embarrassing self is also one of them. Why should one want to offend others with unpleasant body odor…that’s just rude. This is one bit of change we may need to leave on the table. Bathe and be well.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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