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An Open Letter to My Brothas and Sistas.

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(ThySistas.com) My dearest Brothas and Sistas,

I am writing to remind you of who you are. It seems as though over time some of you have allowed outside influences to define who you are. You may have allowed what you have seen on television to shape your opinion of yourselves. Viewing your own lives through the foggy film and lopsided lenses of cameras that never meant to shine light on your beauty, nor your brilliance has effected your self-esteem for far too long.

Today I would like for you to take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and really examine the unique wonder that is you. Look at how your melanated skin reflects every color in the rainbow. Look at how your freckles form constellation just as the stars in the sky do. Look at your hair all coiled, curled, combed or kinky and the way it frames your face. No one else is like you. You are amazingly crafted.

At any given time in any city in this country, from LA to Chicago, New York to Atlanta, you can look around and see the beautiful array of Brothas and Sistas walking around as if they were living breathing works of art. And rightfully so. We are art! We are sculptures of bones wrapped and bound with magnificent hues of brown skin with flakes of 24 karat gold in every skin cell. We range in tones from honeysuckle to pure cocoa. We walk around with the entire rainbow on our skin. Isn’t that amazing?

You are amazing! You are teachers and doctors and lawyers. You are mothers, grandmothers and aunties. You are fathers, grandfathers and brothers. You discover, dispel, disprove things that no one else could have ever fathomed. You’ve defied the odds when all of the cards were stacked against you. Your ancestors are dancing in your honor.

Go on! Look it yourself. Look at what you’ve already made it through. No play write could have written a script to detail all of your daily triumphs. No song writer could create a more captivating melody than the rhythm of your heart. Every day that you breathe is one that presents the opportunity of something extraordinary taking place. With every blink of your eye, every thump of your pulse, every expansion of your rib cage is an announcement that you are here, and your presence alone makes the world a more beautiful place.

Congratulate yourself. Your unique beauty and unmatched brilliance is here on earth one more day. Every day that you open your eyes make sure that you remember that you are here on purpose for a purpose. The world needs your light. A kind word or a smile can change the direction of someone’s day so why not look in the mirror and smile. Look yourself in the eyes and say “I am amazing. I am intelligent. I am beautiful. I am successful. I am loved.” If you are going to be kind to anyone in the world you may as well begin with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You are the only you that you have, and you are the perfect version of yourself for today. Let tomorrow be its own kind of greatness.

Staff Writer; LaMisha M. Readus

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