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Begin again, but don’t quit!

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( The first few years, running a small business is not the easiest.  You probably thought that cute flyer you spent tons of hours working on was going to go viral and your Paypal account or Shopify notifications were going to B-L-O-W up, you were going to quit your job and truly live in the purest essence of freedom.  Often times than not, this life changing moment, doesn’t happen.  The truth is, in your first few years running a small business, that the world doesn’t know exists, will be very challenging but you can’t give up or quit.

In the beginning stages of running a small business, you are doing a lot of beta tests, brainstorming, running into so many obstacles, setting up your systems and processes to effectively run the business, getting your licenses and/or certifications and researching your business industry or your niche.  This means that you have to be patient with the journey.  You hear many success stories that ends with, “It took me 7 years” or “It took me 10 years….before I even touched or got a glimpse at being successful.”

Although with the advancement of technology and social media, more and more success stories have been found in under three to five years.  No matter how many years it has taken the people we aspire to be like or model our businesses after, the common thing between them all, is that they didn’t quit.  From our ancestors such as Harriet Tubman to Nipsey Hussle, they didn’t quit.  When something doesn’t work out the first time for your business, begin again with a new approach but don’t quit.

So many business owners think that rebranding themselves a million times is the answer to a successful business, it is not.  Just because you didn’t make $1,000 from your first product or service launch, doesn’t mean you need to rebrand your business or quit and do something else.  Let’s look at a motivational speaker for example, her first conference may have 20 attendees.  From that conference, she’ll gain new attendees because the previous ones will tell everyone that they know how good it was.  She may decide to pay for more ads or run campaigns on social media or hire vendors who have an audience as well, so her next conference may have 150 people in attendance.  Notice, she didn’t quit, she just made changes to her marketing strategies.

You can begin something again that didn’t work out the first time but don’t quit.  Quitting is associated with fear and you will miss so many opportunities operating out of fear.  Set goals in your business and if you see that the goals you set are not working out, begin again, but don’t quit.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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