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Helpful Hacks For Aches And Pains.

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( Aches and pains are part of growing up. Scientifically once we reach the age of 26 our bodies are producing new cells at a slower rate than they are dying and this is when we are officially adults and officially no longer growing. 

Along with these changes in the body there will often be aches and pains, and most of us can’t avoid back pain or leg issues as we grow older. To keep ourselves healthy and to live a more comfortable life we need to train our body and reduce the strain on it. Unless you want to end up visiting a back surgeon at 30, these top pain tips are ideal for you this year.

Deep breathing

When someone tells you to take a deep breath when you have been hurt or upset, there is a good reason. Breathing brings oxygen into our bodies and our cells need oxygen to live. Taking a deep breath can facilitate our natural pain killers as well as start to react and fix the issue as quick as we can.

Reduce stress 

The mind and the body are tangibly linked together and this means that when one of them suffers, the other does. When you are struggling with stress at work or home you are more likely to start feeling aches and pains which resurface from old issues and you might even face new ones. The reason for this is when our bodies we stressed they are put on high alert and this means our senses our heightened, including touch. Try to reduce your stress this year for a happier and more relaxed body. 


Endorphins are a chemical in the body which can make us feel happier and also will reduce pain we feel in the body. The best way to get these chemicals flowing in the body is to do some light exercise, and something such as a walk or run can be ideal for this. Even though it might hurt a little at first, light exercise can be a great long term help for pain. 

Cut back on drinking 

If you want to reduce those aches and pains in your body effectively you need to make sure to sleep well every night. During sleep our body can repair tissue and cells and this can allow us to heal and feel better. If we don’t sleep well enough, this won’t be the case. If you drink alcohol every night to help you fall asleep, you are actually harming your sleeping cycle more than helping it. Make sure to cut back on the drink if you want to recover quicker. 

Join a group 

One of the effective ways to get over pain which isn’t talked about enough is social groups. Joining a group of people in your local area or on Facebook who suffer the same issues as you can give morale a boost and will allow you to share tips between one another. It can be super effective way to deal with pain. 

Staff Writer; Laura Ford

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