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Putting A Name To Negligence: What Are The 10 Most Common Causes Of Jackknife Accidents.

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( Jackknife accidents are terrible. They take a tremendous toll on the victims and their families. When an accident occurs, it can even cause fatalities. In fact, some estimates state that there are 200 fatalities a year from this type of accident.

With the inherent seriousness of this type of accident, is there anything that can be done to prevent them? What are some of the causes of jackknife accidents? Is there anything you can do to keep yourself safer on the roads?

Why do jackknife accidents happen?

A jackknife accident happens when an articulated truck becomes out of sync. The truck and the trailer that is attached to it will then come to form a V shape. This can cause the truck to tip over. Given the weight of these trucks, a jackknife accident can cause massive delays on the road and many injuries and fatalities.

What are some causes of jackknife accidents?

There are several reasons that jackknife accidents can happen. Here are some of them.

1. Other drivers

Other drivers can cause this type of accident. If they are driving distracted, they may make sudden moves to correct themselves. This can cause other drivers around them to have to brake suddenly or try and steer out of the way. A tractor trailer truck is not able to be moved as easily as a smaller car.

2. Coupling failure

Since the truck and trailer are attached with couplings links, a defective link or parts can certainly cause an accident. A tire blow-out is another common problem with trucks and one that causes them to have accidents.

3. Steering issues

This can easily happen with an inexperienced driver who under or over compensates when driving. It can also happen to a driver who is driving while fatigued, or under the influence of medicine or alcohol.

4. Weather

Both wet roads and icy roads can be a problem for truck drivers. Their heavy vehicles and loads need more stopping time. Roads that are slippery or icy will also not provide enough traction for the truck to stop.

5. Improprer loading of the truck

If the truck is not loaded correctly, this can cause problems. If a truck is too heavy becomes difficult for the driver to manage. If the truck is too light, that can also be problematic for the driver. Drivers also need to make sure their cargo is properly secured because cargo that shifts while in transit also negatively affects how well the driver can control the truck.

6. Bends in the road.

Steering around curves in the road just be done properly and carefully to maintain the safety of the truck. Taking these turns too fast can cause a jackknife accident to happen.

7. The truck driver is tired.

There are industry rules and regulations about how many hours a driver can work before he must rest.

8. Distracted Driving

The truck driver is distracted by a cell phone, trying to change a radio channel, etc.

9. Speeding

This is an obvious factor in many types of accident.

10. Braking issue

Trucks have different brakes than regular cars. You have to be careful how you are braking to avoid accidents.

Final thoughts

Jackknife accidents are terrible and cause great physical harm. If you have been involved n this type of accident, be sure to get a complete report from the police.

Staff Writer; Mary Short

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