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How You Can Help Someone Struggling With Addiction.

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( With the right support, many people find that they can overcome their addictions and live more meaningful lives. If you know somebody who is struggling with addiction, it can be tough. You want to help them without making things worse, or ruining your relationship. It isn’t always an easy situation to navigate, but this article aims to help people who may be going through it. Let’s take a look at what you can do:

The Dos And Don’ts 

While helping somebody with addiction can seem complicated and line a minefield, there are a few simple dos and don’ts that you should pay attention to. For example, you want to make sure you’re honest, focus on building trust, and that you respect privacy. You don’t want to criticize the person struggling with addiction, as this can shame them and shame can be a huge trigger for those who have addictions. You also want to avoid threatening behaviour, and you can’t expect immediate change. They more than likely really want to change, but it isn’t as easy as just giving up. It’s important to remember that for many, this is no longer a choice for them. Their brain is now wired to depend on drugs, and it takes a lot of work to change.

Expect Difficulties

You’ll probably run into some issues while trying to help somebody with addiction. They might not even agree that they have a problem. They might not want to discuss it with you out of embarrassment, or through fear of losing a job or something else. 

How To Build Trust

Building trust is one of the most important first steps when you are trying to help somebody. They might feel like you are trying to control them, so you need to show them that what you are really trying to do is help them. You can not build trust by nagging or lecturing them. You won’t build trust by exaggerating or name calling. It’s also important to take a long hard look at yourself. If you ever engage in addictive behaviours yourself, even to a lesser degree, this will give them reason to believe you are a hypocrite. Bear in mind that stress is one of the likely triggers that causes them to use alcohol or drugs to escape. If the atmosphere you are creating is stressful, they will have more reason to use. 

Consider Getting Help Yourself

You want to help the other person, but as this can be a stressful situation for all involved, getting help yourself could be a good idea. 

The Treatment Process

Finding treatment for your loved one is the next step. Encouraging them to look into men’s sober living or a similar clinic/form of treatment could be a good idea – but you will need to continue working on establishing trust. There are many differences in approach to treatment, so you will both need to work together to find treatment that is right for them. Remember, change does not happen overnight!

Staff Writer; Shelia Johnson

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