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Safe Driving Begins Before You Even Hit The Road.

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( You might think that road accidents all have to do with how you behave on the road and what driving habits you have. This is, to a degree, true. However, some of the most dangerous elements of driving are determined long before you leave your driveway. Here are some ways to ensure that you’re setting off with the best chances of a safe, successful drive.

Securing the ride

When it comes to staying safe, it’s not just down to your driving, it’s down to what you’re driving as well. Routine maintenance of the car doesn’t just help it perform better and last longer. Replacing faulty brake pads can give you the power to stop the car more easily. Having the suspension checked out can ensure that you don’t lose control of the car. Figure out your maintenance routine with the help of your mechanic.

Ensuring you’re in the best condition

You should be in good shape, too, not just your car. One of the biggest factors in all road accidents, accounting for 1 in 10, is drowsy driving. Not having a full night’s sleep and getting behind the wheel as been proven to slow your reaction time even worse than if you had been drinking beforehand. If you find yourself caught on the road and starting to drift off, it’s much better to find somewhere safe to park and put down your head before finishing the journey.

Giving yourself the time you need

Impatience and, worse yet, road rage, can change how we drive. We can forget all we learned about defensive driving, take stupid risks, and generally be much more reckless. The greatest cause of road rage is the fear of being late. As such, it’s wise to try and prepare ahead of time and to leave early.

Checking the road ahead

If you know what you’re heading into, then you can think ahead of time on how to navigate it. Before you set off, use road reports to check freeway traffic, collisions, road conditions, and more, so you have an idea of what to expect. If a road is looking particularly risky, it’s much better to change route ahead of time rather than trying to adapt to the situation on the fly. It can save you a lot of time, too, for that matter.

Doing away with distractions

Though teens are more prone to it, distraction on the road can affect all of us. Tackling the causes of distracted driving before you turn on the engine is the best way to make sure they’re not a factor. Make sure your phone is in hands-free mode, so you don’t have to fiddle with it. If you want to listen to a podcast, boot it up ahead of time. If you have passengers, make the rules on distracting you extra clear.

Road safety requires a driver that’s mindful not just during the drive, but before it, as well. With the tips above, you will be better equipped, better prepared, and better assured that you can get from A to B with real peace of mind.

Staff Writer; Shelia Ross

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