Thursday, July 18, 2024

Take the Day Off.

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( Many sistahs are praying for a break. They need a day off from the crazy demands of work, the constant demands of family and friends, the necessities of one’s own home, the needs of the children, the expectations of the lover…sometimes there needs to be a day off from one’s own mind. there are sistahs pleading for one day everyday inside their own minds. Every now and then they mention needing a break when undeniable burn out begins to set in.

Some find that holidays like Mother’s Day or even a birthday which should be about celebration and relaxation tend to become work one way or another. However, we must be honest about what happens when the one golden day finally arrives. This 24hrs of answered pray is bestowed upon us and in that moment, we can’t seem to settle ourselves at all.

Whether we can admit it or not many of us women are trained by our rigorous schedule. It becomes apart of who we are, and th3e measure of self-worth. If you aren’t doing everything for everyone you are a slacking employee, neglectful partner, or a horrible mom. That perspective makes it very difficult to take the day off.

When the day comes you find every reason to engage in everything that caused you to need this break. You might find that you can’t even take a mental health day because not only is your mind racing with all the things you need to do, eventually you end up doing what you swore not to do on this day…work. Try doing these three things to help you actually take the day off you need.

1. Unplug from your cellular device for a day. Seriously sistahs put your phone on do not disturb with the only exception being your kids’ school or such. Let the family and friends know you are taking a much needed sabbatical, and you won’t be available for call nor text. This unplugging includes all forms of social media as you are taking a much needed break from the drama you encounter online. Its your day off…free yourself.

2. Consider spending some time engaging in hobbies you love. Get outdoors and enjoy the park, catch a movie you’ve been meaning to see, have a wonderful spa day, or check out a new restaurant. The goal is enjoying the day with yourself free from forced conversations and hassle. Allow your mind to take in all the awesome energy around you that doesn’t come from a routine or forced spaces.

3. Sleep! I know that might seem like an odd thing to do, but actually rest your body. This isn’t the time to volunteer to help at work, organize the house, watch your nieces or nephews, or prepare for the upcoming day or week. Actually, lay down and allow your body to rest. Create a relaxing environment and let your body’s need to decompress take over. So many sistahs are literally sleep deprived they have just learned how to cope with such. When we have to get on the daily grind, “I’m so tired” is often a part of the daily conversation. Take the time to rest and allow the body to mend physically and mentally. You may find your energy, and mental clarity, is so much better once you get some sleep.

Getting the day off sounds like an amazing break for the day to day work we face. However, too many sistahs find it hard to take advantage of the opportunity once it arrives. You owe it to yourself to have a time where you can tend to your self-care, and no one is a priority at that time but you. Taking this time is great for your overall wellness, and its good for those in your life. Allow others to pick up the slack for a change. You will find they are more capable than you realize. You will be so glad you took a day off, and to yourself…don’t cheat you.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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