Thursday, July 18, 2024

Its Sad Abortion Isn’t About Babies.

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( There is so much hypocrisy concerning the subject of abortion. What is considered “pro-life”? How do we decided whose life should have value? We live in a country that doesn’t value the life, and wellness of children, yet some want to discuss the concept of pro-life. It’s hypocritical to talk about life when some of those same lawmakers don’t pass laws that fund nor protect children. A child is more than just a fetus, and heartbeat provisions must be made to give them the best life possible when they arrive in this world. Do we truly care about the mother that is giving birth to the child that who’s life is so important? Does it matter that the child may grow up from day one without a mother? If the unborn baby is so important why are we not making it easier for the mother to get the prenatal care she needs? The fact that those that scream pro-life to the top of their lungs can’t seem to answer is indeed a problem. This leads me to believe the abortion issue is not about the life of babies, nor the morality of not aborting babies.

Sistahs this isn’t about babies at all, and though we know there are too many men making decisions about the body of women we have to remember they have women that are standing with them. Just as we must remember white women supported the current president there are white women supporting this anti-abortion agenda.

I have come to the realization that the abortion argument that we see happening is not about the morality of the act. Its not merely just about policing the bodies of women; I get the feeling that its ultimately about policing the body of a white woman and the rest of us are merely collateral damage. Think about it…do they really want black and brown women reproducing? Do they care about what happens to us, or our babies? It’s a fair question when one of the main concerns of white men, and women, is their standing as the majority group in this nation.

They can’t come out and say white women need to have more babies, so the argument is made that the unborn child is a person and has the right to live. They don’t care if the mother is raped, if the baby is the result of incest, nor if the mother’s life is in jeopardy. The only thing that matters is getting those babies into the world to sustain their majority. As for black and brown women…our children don’t have privilege in this country, and our population can be dealt with in other brutal ways.

Some of us live in cities that are not anti-abortion but are forced to live in the shadow of a state that is majority anti-abortion. Too many of us know women that have died giving birth, or immediately after. We know women that have been sexually assaulted, and they deserve to decide for themselves if that heinous act results in pregnancy.  We must continue to raise our voice against this lack of regard for the life of a woman, and a child for that matter. Just as there are women standing against us it is very important to remember every man is not the enemy. We must gather with those that believe we, as women, have the right to choose motherhood, and decide if we want to risk our life for it. A woman’s body should not be a pawn in a political game, nor the game of furthering the white race.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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