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Looking Back: What is Easter.

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( The Easter holiday recently passed. It was a joy to see all the children in their beautiful Spring Easter Sunday outfits. Their smiles were bright and full of innocence. It looks like many of them enjoyed various Easter festivities around the city, and in the community. Easter egg hunts and plenty of candy are always a hit with the children. The adults also go in on the fun as there was Easter events strictly for adults the day before Easter. It was a great time of joy, laughter, good food, and of course precious family togetherness. As is with Christmas, there was something to entertain everyone even if a person was not a Christian. While sitting amongst a few friends after Easter service I began to wonder, for a Christian, what is Easter really about? Yes, we all know its Resurrection Sunday but what does that actually mean to us. How does that knowledge effect our everyday living?

I admit I’ve never been a huge fan of cliché moments and saying around the holidays that are supposed to have a significant spiritual meaning.  I used to ask the elders why did it seemed Christianity is mocked by so many on a large scale? They would explain to that because it looks like an excuse, punchline and cover to many that are not in the faith. There are so many warring variations of Christianity, and it seems we can’t get on the same page. I was told that prayer was often the answer to everything while believers didn’t bother reading the Bible for themselves, and though remembrance, or holidays, are for a day what they symbolize is supposed to affect how one lives. Of course, back then I didn’t fully understand what they were trying to say when I was younger. However, as an adult I wonder about those explanations when I look as what some holidays have become. Yes, there is commercialization and we all know the Easter Bunny has nothing to do with the religious holiday. I just wonder what happens on Monday. Though I love Christmas I was always of the mind that Resurrection Sunday was the cornerstone of my salvation. Jesus dying on Calvary and rising on the third day was the beginning of a new covenant for the people of God…and ushering in of God’s grace. Without this moment, to my understanding, all could not called the children of God. In thinking over this I realize that Christianity is something many of us profess, but there are some that have no clue why we do such.

This isn’t a judgment position, but one of thought about the very dynamics of Christianity, and what the holiday we call Easter is supposed to represent in our lives every single day. Every Easter in churches across the country there are sermons being preached about the power of the resurrection, and the power the “blood of Jesus” embodies for a believer. Its often preached with passion and received in kind. Yet, I often ask myself where is that power on a daily basis? I acknowledge there are believers that are devout in the Christian faith, and they can answer that question because it’s a lifestyle for them. This doesn’t make them perfect, but they are disciplined and knowledgeable in their faith. I’ve often asked myself if I’m a Christian where is this power that’s supposed to be inside of me when my life is turned upside down, sickness has struck my body, or when my anxiety is on level 10. In many of these spaces I’ve thought to myself “I thought Jesus paid it all” what about this craziness I’m living.

I realize the celebration of the holiday in all its forms is fine, and it brings family together. However, the idea of what Resurrection Sunday is supposed to be in the life of a Christian is so much more. I can’t access a power I don’t understand no matter how much I sing and praise. How can I expect to receive from a higher power I really don’t understand in the most basic form? Maybe, my grandmother was right…I should have read my bible. Had I listened I believe this holiday would carry more weight in my life than it currently does now. I’m honest enough to admit that, and I have the time to work on it.  What is Resurrection Sunday for you? Is that a power that flows daily in your life? are you able to apply it to life’s challenges? Not knowing why this particular Sunday should mean so much beyond what we are seeing could be a part of why the faith is often mocked.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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