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Troubled Teens Are Not Self-Made.

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(ThySistas.comTeenagers have an unfair reputation. Their mental and analytical skills are not as evolved as those of an adult – but the teenage brain isn’t fully grown, which makes it tricky for adolescents to take decisions. However, they are not children anymore. Their emotional awareness encourages them to research independent activities – aka away from mom and dad – in an effort to be approved in their social circle.

As a result, adolescence is a challenging period both for parents and children. Conflicts can occur more often than not, and they can push your teen towards dangerous behaviors, for themselves or/and others. However, there something important you need to remember. Troubled teenagers are not self-made. Their actions and decisions are the results of events they can’t control. How many times have you heard a mother complain that her son used to be a sweet little boy before he became a disreputable teenager? The truth is that your teen responds to external factors. You can help them, however, to manage negative influence as best as they can.

Teenagers need to know about the 10 laws of boundaries

Establishing boundaries with the people around you is detrimental to your mental health. However, for teens, the boundaries can get blurry at the end of their childhood years. Everything changes when you hit puberty; as a result, the notions of personal space, choices, and respect are not the same. As a parent, however, you can help them to understand what they need and define their new boundaries. The first rule of setting boundaries is to respecting those other people set with you – for parents and teenagers, this is a valuable lesson. Your teen is responsible for establishing and managing their own boundaries, and, more often than not, it involves learning to say “No” at times. Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend explain in details the 10 laws in their book Boundaries.

When things go wrong, a little understanding makes all the difference

While boundaries can help your teen to protect themselves and establish a safe social circle, they don’t stop them from making ill-informed decisions. Teenagers experiment as they try to make sense of their own self in a complex world. Experimenting, unfortunately, comes with the risk of consuming unhealthy substances. While most teens tend to give up after an unpleasant experience, some might face sentences for drug offenses if they are found in possession of a controlled substance. But, even in those dramatic situations, there is support available from law specialists to make sure that these poor decisions don’t destroy the future of your teen.

Being honest with yourself: Are you a good role model?

As a parent, you are a role model for your child. When they hit their teenage years, your behavior can dramatically affect theirs. Being the best example you can be is crucial. Focusing on your happiness shares an important lesson: Your teen learns that taking care of themselves matters. But as you do, you need to stay kind and open-minded; loving yourself doesn’t mean shaming others.

Every teenager has the potential to achieve great things if you help them to respect themselves and put their safety and happiness first. When poor decisions occur, hopefully, your teen can use their knowledge of the 10 laws of boundaries to avoid further issues. Additionally, expert advisors can give you a hand to protect their future.

Staff Writer; Carla Parker

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