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10 Laws of Boundaries.

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( According to Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, in their book called Boundaries, there are 10 Laws of Boundaries.  Before we get to those laws, please understand that establishing boundaries with anyone you come in contact with, is necessary.  No matter if it’s your adorable children, your spouse/partner or your boss, you need to establish boundaries.  If you do not set boundaries with people, it can leave you living a burned-out, frustrated and/or chaotic life.  Below are the 10 Laws of Boundaries:

1. Sowing and reaping – This law basically is saying that in order to reap boundaries with people, you must first sow those same boundaries.  You have to understand and respect the boundaries that people set with you, in order to request that boundaries be set in place from other people.

2. Responsibility – You are responsible for setting your own boundaries.  PLEASE do not leave this task undone or in the hands of someone else.

3. Power – Exhort your power and change what you do not like.

4. Respect – This is pretty much explanatory but always, always, always, respect other people’s boundaries.  It’s kind of like, practice what you preach saying.

5. Motivation – Be motivated to tell people “NO!” in order to set your boundaries.  You may have to tell your child no or your boss, but saying “No,” at times, is the motivation that you need to saying “Yes” more to you and the things that brings you peace and happiness.

6. Evaluation – Evaluate the areas in your life where you need to set boundaries.  Are you always doing things that keeps you busy but not productive?  Setting boundaries, and don’t forget to say “No” to certain things on your to-do list, will help keep you from being overwhelmed.

7. Proactivity – Be proactive when it comes to setting boundaries with people.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  If you are feeling uneasy about something, deal with it.

8. Envy – Do NOT envy anyone’s life because it will keep you from setting the proper boundaries that you need.  It will certainly be your downfall.  In the book for example, they mentioned how Satan became envious of God and as we all know the story, that became the greatest downfall in history.

9Activity – You have to initiate setting boundaries and push against anything or anyone that tries to disrupt that action.

10. Exposure – Put yourself in the environment.  You can’t hide from people to avoid confrontation.  To set boundaries, you have to face the conflict, whatever who or what, that may be.

Setting boundaries is not easy to do all of the time, but it is very necessary.  If left to others, it can become detrimental to your health physically and emotionally.  You and only you, are in control of your life.  You may have to tell that child no at times.  It may hurt at first, but they’ll be just fine.  Children who don’t know the importance of setting boundaries, become adults who become overbearing, addicts and even criminals.  Set your boundaries, now!

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