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Vacation with Someone You Know.

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( Girl trips are fun and can be a great way to travel without the concerns of traveling alone. It can be a time of great memories, and new adventures. Many of us have seen movies that encourage this method of comradery amongst sisters. In addition to the fun of traveling with a group it can also be a cost-efficient option. When the vacation is over there is often a need for a time to rest after the traveling, and many adventures. However, it is so unfortunate when a vacation meant for relaxation turns into a nightmare because of the people on the trip.

There is a saying that you never know someone until you live with them, well some would argue the same takes place when you are traveling with someone. Plenty can go wrong on a trip where you are far away from home, and in bitter company. It seems there are too many times whereby we take trips and don’t really know everyone who is traveling with us. The lack of knowing certain parts of our travel party can cause the surprises that can doom a trip.

No one should have to endure fighting through a vacation because they are in constant conflict with their travel party. Even if you are blessed to know everyone going its important to make sure there is a good compatibility amongst the group. Opposites don’t always attract. Everyone doesn’t view the idea of relaxation the same, nor do they always agree on itinerary. Below are just a few reasons you should vacation with someone you truly know and share a good compatibility.

  1. When traveling in a group you want to be sure that everyone can agree on the itinerary if adventures are to be embarked on together. Why would you want to travel with someone that doesn’t have the same taste in adventure? Some may want to see the main tourist attractions such as museums, and local culture site while others seek nature and adrenaline rushing adventures. If the understanding is all should partake this can be a source of tension. It helps to know the taste of your party and agree on an itinerary before leaving. If you are unable to do this that’s a red flag that one shouldn’t take a vacation with this group.
  2. It is very important to know if someone in your group has certain illnesses, and allergies. If this is not taken into consideration you can find yourself nursing a member of your travel party back to health due to negative reactions to food and/or environment. You have a right to want to vacation without those concerns, but that is hard to do if someone in your group has limitations. If that is going to be a problem for you don’t take certain vacations with said persons.
  3. You don’t want to room with someone that doesn’t share your beliefs on personal space or cleanliness. Yes, it’s a vacation but some of us are on the verge of OCD. We don’t want to see empty food contains and clothes everywhere. If this is going to ruin the day for you consider rooming with someone as clean as you. Furthermore, everyone isn’t trying to get their groove back. Everyone is not okay with waking up to someone having sexual relations in their room. These can all serve as red flags when deciding who’s taking a trip, and rooming, with you.
  4. It is known that money can ruin friendships. Traveling with a group can lower the cost of expenses, but no one wants to feel obligated to pay for other members of the group. It is important to know the integrity of those you are traveling, or you can find yourself fighting over money. You’ll get back home expecting to be refunded only to possibly get the run around. Not only would you feel cheated on your trip, but your budget was blown on the lies of someone you were traveling with.

It is important to travel with sistahs you know. Don’t worry about anyone considering you over the top, or unreasonable because you don’t want to travel with a stranger. The friend of your good friend is not always your friend, and not knowing them could make your trip miserable. Be sure to get a good understanding and consensus among the group when planning so that everyone can be on one accord. If you need down time after a vacation is should be to rest, not because the vacation was stressful and full of drama.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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