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What the Book of Nehemiah Teaches on Entrepreneurship.

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( I was told that every entrepreneur should read the book of Nehemiah in the bible, as a guide to help you through the endeavors that we face as entrepreneurs.  Just a brief background about this story:  Nehemiah quit his job as a cup-bearer to king Artaxerxes to travel back to his hometown and help rebuild the wall in Jerusalem that had been destroyed when the city was captured by the Babylonians.

Here’s some snapshots of what I’ve learned from Nehemiah’s entrepreneurial mindset:

* Go back to your ‘Why’ when you get lost or confused on want you need to do for your brand or business.

* You will always need a skilled and dedicated to help your brand or business grow.

* People will think your brand or business idea(s) are crazy — so what! Do what God told you to do.

* Keep an eye on your competitors. Set yourself apart from them if the industry you work in is saturated.

* Keep a consistent schedule (work hours). Knock out your hardest goals for the day, first.

* PROFIT FIRST: Distribute percentages in several savings accounts of your total revenue you earn from the business, towards taxes (uncle Sam), business or operating expenses, salaries and a quarterly profit that you can spend on whatever you like because you earned it at the end of each quarter. To learn more, purchase the book called Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.

* Give back to your community. Giving back could be in the form of sharing what you’ve learned in your industry in the form of offering a free course, e-book, worksheet, giveaway, etc.  Don’t keep all of the wealth and knowledge you’ve gained and learned to yourself.

* Ignore the rumors. People are going to talk about your brand or business no matter what you do or don’t do.  They create rumors because they see you actually thriving in the work that you do.  Let them talk!  Only address issues that affects your business.

* Be aware of secret shoppers. Your competitor may send spies in the form of clients or customers to mimic your brand or business ideas.

* Know that some of your clients or customers are seasonal.

* Find or hire a mentor, spiritual advisor, business coach or anyone that can help you beyond your ways of thinking.

* Pray over your business or brand daily.

* Word of mouth is the best marketing tool.

* Celebrate your accomplishments often.

* God will provide you with the right resources and divine connections that you need – trust in His timing and not yours.

* Document EVERYTHING! —- “If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen.” Betty Smith

* Take care of your brand or business just as you do your house, kids or things you love. God blessed you with a successful business or brand, so take care of it.

* Don’t profit all of the money from your sales. Invest it back into your business.

* Rest, rejuvenate and relax. Take some time off from working so hard to simply be present and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Your brand or business is whatever you put into and the results of the people you hire to build it with you.  Businesses fail from a multitude of reasons but we typically hear, that they failed due to a lack of knowledge or resources to sustain it.  Don’t let that be the reason why your business doors close.  Takes these tips that I’ve learned from the book of Nehemiah and apply them to your business or brand, as needed.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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