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Put You on Your Schedule.

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( Putting one’s day into an order is very helpful in achieving daily tasks and managing time. With our trendy organizers, be it on paper or phone, we put out universe in order and make 24hrs look like so much more. So many sisters are absolutely amazing when it comes to finding time for work, significant others, children, family, and balancing the home. There is great satisfaction that comes from knowing when you lay your head on the pillow you have gotten plenty done…there is extra gratification if you actually cleared the to-do list for that day. Many of us are learning not to beat ourselves up if a few items roll over to the next day…we are human.

However, it is nerve wrecking when you get so much done yet feel there is something seriously missing. There is a part of you have feels neglected, tired, and disheveled even when you have adequate support getting things done. You might find yourself checking your receipts by looking at your planner in review to figure out why you aren’t as satisfied as you should be, or even slightly resentful that so much has been don’t yet you feel nothing has been enough.

The truth is if you look at your planner you might find that YOU are missing from the organization. You planned time for everything necessary for everyone but you. To be specific I’m not talking about your hair nor nail appointment as those are more a matter of maintenance. The space I speak of is one whereby you can have a moment to yourself. This space could be used for meditation, daily devotionals, zoning out to your favorite music, or simple peace and quiet. Far to often we think about having this space but once the day begins, especially if we are adhering to the schedule, the thought never materializes.

Too many of us are focused on the things we must do for others, or things that need to happen for self in the area of regular maintenance so unwinding from it all takes a back seat. When we sit down to create the schedule the thought never crosses the mind to add out “me time”, or we seem so sure that we’ll get to it so its not written down. Failing to pencil your time in can cause, in the long run, a sort of meltdown. Too many of us never realize the serious necessity to recharge.

Many of us have heard the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty vessel” yet too many of us continue to try. Putting ourselves on the agenda might require getting up a bit early or moving other activities around. However, it is necessary. You will sacrifice and make the time for your children and loved ones simply because you love them. Well, you have to love yourself enough to do the same. Creating this space will also teach others to respect your needs as it should be a no communication zone. No, you will not answer calls, text messages, and inbox messages in the time allotted strictly for you. Unless there is an emergency even the children come to realize they must wait. It will teach them to be compassionate to your needs, and you are human and have feelings also. Establishing this space, and scheduling it, sends a message you and those in your circle that your self-care is to be valued.

Take the time to schedule your time. In doing this you can go about the day feeling refreshed, and knowing you were not left out of the list of things important. This is another way to prevent you feeling as though something is missing though you completed you daily tasks. It will allow you to feel better about what you do for others because you have had some time with self to relax as you see fit and fill your vessel. Even when we have others that are willing to speak life into us there are some areas of refilling that must be done by us personally. The next time you are getting putting your day, or week, in order remember that you are just as important as everything else on that list so pencil yourself in.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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