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3 Important Qualities Every Woman Should Have.

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( All women are different and no one will ever be the same as another. However, we as women should all have the same basic qualities that live on the inside of us and is poured into the lives of others daily.

Quality #1: Every woman should be loving. You don’t have to like everyone, but you should acquire a humble and loving manner towards those you encounter. We are nurturers and so for the most part, we innately love on people we care about. But what about the people who ruffle our, feathers or are the thorns in our sides? We must also be loving towards them and try to get to the root of the issues we have with them. You are not expected to be loving towards anyone who is abusive towards you mentally, financially, spiritually, etc., please remove those toxic individuals from your life. For this quality is speaking on persons in general who really mean you no harm.

Quality #2: Every woman should be confident. Being confident in who you are as a woman can be challenging and takes practice. I’m naturally shy, but because of the confidence I have in myself that I show no matter where I am, people rarely believe that I’m shy. If you are a woman with low self-esteem, talk to someone about your doubts and fears, practice daily (hourly even) strategies to help you boost your confidence. Don’t wait on someone else to tell you your worth, affirm that to yourself daily! If you’re not happy with the way you dress or style your hair, change it. Sometimes a simple makeover, boosts our confidence. The word confidence is a “feeling” or a “belief“… so you the magic of confidence operates on the inside of you first and then manifests in your outer appearance.

Quality #3: Every woman should be supportive. Please get rid of the “No new friends” mentality. Every woman needs a group of supportive women behind her and that same group of women that she can support in their endeavors. You cannot be an amazing woman in this life without supporting other people. Don’t be that woman who is always on the receiving end of support but be a no show when others need you by their side. You don’t have to feel obligated to attend every event, answer every phone call or sign up for tasks that will stress you out, just to provide support to others. Be selective when it comes to the amount of support you give to others to avoid burnouts.

Bonus quality:

Every woman should be able to provide solely for herself and children. Women, if you are still out here dating men for what they can provide to you in 2019, please get your entire life together. You should be at a place in your life where thoughts like that do not exist. There are too many opportunities affordable and available to you, so that you do not need to be in the habit of depending on a man to support you and your children. It has taking me many years and tons of disappointments to realize this truth.

I purchase things for myself based on if I can afford it, not a man. If a man leaves me, then what? I’m going to be left out in the cold? Absolutely not! It feels great to be independent of your partner. Sure, having a partner is financially beneficial but that alone shouldn’t be the reason why you’re in a relationship with a person. Have your own money, goals, career and friends separate from your partner, to avoid becoming dependent on them, which is a major turn-off eventually.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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