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Bad Driving Behaviors You Need To Avoid.

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(ThySistas.comAre you a good driver? Perhaps you think you’re a good driver, but you could actually be guilty of many behaviors associated with ‘bad’ driving. Being safe on the road is important for you, as well as other drivers and pedestrians, and you could cause a serious accident by taking what you think is a ‘harmless’ risk.

Want to be a better driver for yourself and others? Here are some bad driving behaviors you need to avoid.

Talking or texting on your phone

Thousands of people do this every day, and while you might think there’s no harm in checking a quick text or taking a call – that risky behavior could lead to a serious accident. While different states might have different rules on the matter, you should always err on the side of caution and avoid it altogether. If you did find yourself in an accident while another driver was using their cell phone, you might qualify for compensation through an injury lawyer. Make the most of your handsfree or in-car system or wait until you’ve stopped somewhere safe to use your phone.


No matter how much of a hurry you’re in, there’s no excuse for tailgating. Tailgating can be intimidating and could be dangerous if you or the person in front of you needs to make an emergency brake. Make sure you always observe a safe distance while driving, and remember to adjust your braking distance according to the weather.


You might think that speeding now and then is fine, especially if you’re in a hurry and there’s nobody around. When it comes to driving, however, you never know what’s around the corner. Speeding has many consequences, and depending on where you are in the US, you could end up with a hefty speeding fine. Always watch your speed, even if nobody is around.

Not indicating

Not using your indicators causes a problem for not just drivers but pedestrians too. It’s a frustrating behavior that could land you in trouble if you were spotted, or it could cause an accident. If you’ve got any problems with any of your lights, you need to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Parking badly

Parking badly isn’t just bad driver behavior, it’s rude to other drivers. When you park badly, you can cause problems for others parking, or stop people from leaving their space. It also makes people more likely to damage your own car, so it’s in your best interests to practice your parking and make sure you do a good job.

Bad driving behaviors can soon become habits that are difficult to shake, so the sooner you put an end to them the better. From speeding through stop signs to putting makeup on while driving, ask yourself, ‘is this good driving behavior’? If the answer is no, put a stop to it and make an effort to be a safer, more conscientious driver.

Staff Writer; Shawna Short

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