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New Year, New Smile – 5 Affordable Ways to Improve Your Looks in 2019.

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(ThySistas.comExpensive makeovers may be popular, but they are not the only way to find a “New You” in 2019.  Would you believe you can improve your appearance without putting a dent in your wallet? Below are five affordable options to consider:

  1. Upgrade Your Smile

Your smile should brighten up your face, not make you cringe at the thought of having your picture taken. One easy way to change your appearance for the better is to upgrade your smile with composite dental veneers. Veneers can cover chipped edges and turn yellowing teeth porcelain white, making your smile a brilliant addition to your face.

  1. Focus on Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows create the structure for your face. Too much of an arch can make your face look angry, too long of a brow can cause your whole face to droop. Allow an aesthetician to use their professional training to frame your face correctly. You will be amazed at the difference a tiny investment of time and money can make in your appearance.

  1. Start Weight Training

Instead of investing in expensive silicone or medical procedures because your clothing doesn’t fit correctly, join a gym or get yourself a personal trainer. Weight training can improve the fit of your clothes around your chest, bottom, legs, and waist. Science has proven that exercise can also improve your mood, protect against aging, and reduce your risk of heart disease. It can even make your brain sharper! You may even discover a bit more self-confidence along the way.

  1. Add Some Healthy Fat to Your Diet

Though some fad diets can tell you otherwise, it is possible to eat too little fat. When your body does not have the fats it needs, it will dry out your skin and keep you from losing weight, both of which are counterproductive to your efforts. “Healthy fats” have been scientifically proven to revitalize your skin and decrease body fat. To achieve these results, simply eat fatty fish two times per week or take inexpensive fish oil supplements.

  1. Sleep!

The best thing that you can do to improve your looks is to get a sufficient amount of sleep. The rule of thumb is 8 hours per day. When you sleep your skin naturally rejuvenates, sloughing off dead cells. The best method to improve your skin is by sleeping on your back. Doing so decreases the amount of fine lines that can creep onto your face when it is pressed against a pillow. (If you have no choice but to sleep on your side, choose a satin pillowcase to minimize the fine lines.) Back sleep also helps your skin appear less puffy in the morning because the position allows fluid to drain away from your face.

Eight hours of sleep will also help you in your weight loss efforts. When you do not have enough sleep, and you experience stress, you set your brain up to make bad decisions about food and exercise and potentially undo any gains you may have made. The best part is, sleep is free!

Magazines will tell you that beauty is expensive, but that is not always true. Some of the most significant changes that you can make require more accountability than money. Measures such as deciding to sleep longer hours, beginning weight training, or adding healthy fats to your diet are perfect examples of these. If you decide to improve your looks by shaping your eyebrows or upgrading your smile, you will need professionals to help you.

Staff Writer; Sherry Parker

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