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Your Business Building In The Winter Time.

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(ThySistas.comIf you’re someone with your own business, you probably worry a lot about what goes on in your office during the day. You’re there in your cubicle or working alongside your employees, and you’re eager to keep abreast of the situations happening around you. Well, one of the biggest you should stay aware of is how the building you work inside of is holding up, especially if it’s wet, windy, and rainy outside.

So you’ve had a lot of home repairs to get through recently, and now you’ve got to get the office you work out of looked over and checked out, to make sure no damages are ruining your ability to get the job done. Well thankfully, this is a lot easier to do in the modern day and age, especially if you’re a one person business or only have a handful of employees. The winter doesn’t have to get you down!

Maybe the windows just need cleaning, maybe you could do with a whole new set of glazing! 

Check Your Chairs

The desk chairs both you and your employees use to sit at your desks most of the day are a Godsend. They keep your backs straight and your legs comfortable as you tap away at keyboards, building relationships and closing deals that’ll take your business higher and higher. But in the winter time, you’re going to be bringing in coats to keep you warm on your way to work, and you’re going to take those off and hang them on the back of your chair. What problems could that cause?

Well, most of all, the damp that coats carry can very easily seep into the materials and weaken the structure. That means more chairs need replacing, and more money needs spending, when the seats come to pieces from repeated exposure to the elements.

Check Your Roof Insulation

The roof that covers your office is very important to look after, seeing as it keeps the worst of the harsh winter elements out of your way. And because of that, there’s a good chance a few tiles have slipped off, or the insulation beneath the roof is falling to bits.

If you work in an older building, you might want to contact some roofing contractors to check for a problem like this. You’ll know something is up if the office temperature drops, or the air becomes very dry. These conditions are not good for you, and they’re not good for your office equipment either!

Check You Have a Dry Floor

You need a dry floor to stop yourself from having an accident at work, as trips and falls happen most commonly within the office. And if people are coming in with wet umbrellas and coats, and letting these drip dry all over the carpet or hardwood flooring you picked out yourself, your work area will become a hazard zone! Make it a rule to shake off outside, and use wet floor signs liberally.

Take care of your office!

Staff Writer; Lisa Wall

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