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Great Ways to Get Girls into Sports.

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(ThySistas.comGenerally, there are far fewer girls that play sports than boys and this carries on into later life. It seems that girls have a much tougher time with sports when they are at school, as often this is the chance for those that are not so good at it to have fun made of them. This puts many girls off playing sports forever more, which is a shame as we all know how good they can be for both our physical and mental health. So how does this become different, how can we get more girls to have fun by playing sports?

Seek Them Out

To find girls that may be interested in sports you have to go to the places they frequent. It could be local youth clubs, just as an example, or maybe after school clubs. If they are in a group, they are more likely to get involved than they would if you approached them on their own. They could even form their own team in a sport, and that will encourage them even more.

Offer Choices

There are endless sports girls can play and they need to be offered more than the standard choices of hockey and netball. These can be a bit mundane for some girls who would rather be involved in a boxing club, fencing or even playing rugby or football. There are women’s clubs and facilities for all sports, so give them the choice of several different ones.

You can also let them know that they can have the choice of being coached by a female, as that makes it easier for some of them to have a go.

Make The Kit A Good One

Boys and girls can all be put off joining a club if they think the kit is horrible. As youngsters, they are very aware of the way they look and if they do not like the kit they will walk away. Some clubs tell them make your own hoodie as this goes down well and lets them be comfortable about their attire. It’s a fun way of attracting girls in itself too.

Sponsorship is a good way to ensure that the team has a good quality kit, and it allows all the team members to have one, so avoiding the problem of the less well off not being able to afford the cost.

Explain The Opportunities

Not every girl that starts to play a sport will end up as a rich, top-class player that is known worldwide. There are opportunities though that can present themselves when they start playing a game. Just one of them is that they will mix with people they might not otherwise have met, and this can be very useful in their search for a career.

One study showed that their capabilities emotionally and socially improved by 70%, and 60% of the new sports players reported that they felt more resilient and confident.

As well as sports being good for girls, they have a lot they can offer sports. With some games now having teams to play in world cups for women, this is of a two-way benefit and should be embraced.

Staff Writer; Annette Ford

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