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This Is How You Can Get Better At Any Sport.

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(ThySistas.comIs there a sport that you’ve always wished you were great at, but you’ve simply never gotten to the level you wanted to get to? Perhaps you haven’t really tried through fear of failure. This post will give you some awesome tips that you can use to get better at any sport, whether you want to bend the ball like Beckham or win trophies like Serena Williams.

Read on to see what you can do…

Set Yourself Small, Achievable Goals

Looking at your goals as one giant leap is never going to help you to achieve them, as they’re going to seem far too far away from you to even begin chasing them. You need to set yourself small achievable goals, so you’re literally taking baby steps towards where you want to be. This is how all of the greats do it, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Come Up With A Plan

Come up with a plan to get to where you want to be. How often will you practice? Where will you go? What will your routine look like? Is there someone who can do it with you to begin with? Coming up with a plan in your head will help you to make your vision more concrete so you can begin to make it a reality.

Visualize How You Want To Be

Take the time each morning and night to visualize yourself how you want to be. Can you picture yourself slam dunking the ball in a game of basketball, or pulling a move on the dance floor that makes people’s jaws drop? If you can’t, you need to work on that vision until it gets clearer and clearer in your mind. Doing this everyday will help you to build on your vision even more, until it becomes real in your head. Your brain will work to help you achieve your vision. All of the most successful people, especially sports stars, use visualization to get to where they want to be.  

Take Lessons or A Course

Don’t try to go it alone at first if you don’t want to. See if there are lessons in your area or a course you can take. In some cases, there may even be a school you can attend, such as https://fcbcanada.com/academy/toronto/programs/competitive/. Doing things like this will help you to build your confidence and teach you techniques that you may never have learned otherwise.

Get A Coach

If you prefer one to one help, a coach in your area could help you to figure out where to improve. Make sure you read reviews and testimonials and then have a consultation with one or take advantage of a free session.

Focus On Functional Fitness

By focusing on functional fitness such as pushups, pullups, and free weight movements, you will become stronger and better at everyday things, as well as the sport that you want to get better at.

Practice Consistently

There’s no way around this; you can’t do nothing a visualize. You have to practice. The more you practice, the better you will get!

Staff Writer; Lisa Ross

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