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Get That Stress Off Your Shoulders So That You Can Heal.

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(ThySistas.comIt’s natural to feel stressed after receiving an injury. Whether you were involved in a car accident or a fall, you may relive the event, or stress yourself in other ways. Sadly, stress in this situation is never good. Aside from the mental implications, studies show that it can physically slow healing by 25%. If you want to get better, then, you need to avoid stress as much as you can.

Of course, that’s easier said than done when your life has been turned upside down. Lucky for you, we have a few simple steps which could at least stop your stress a little. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Face up to your injury

Often, stress here comes from an inability to face what’s happened. That’s no surprise given that near enough every injury is a result of a traumatic experience. You may want to put it aside and move forward. The trouble is, putting something like this aside never works. It’ll always be in the background, stressing you because it remains unresolved. Instead, then, you need to confront it head-on.

This could be as simple as talking the event through with a friend or professional. You may even want to revisit the scene to stop stress from building. This may also have the benefit of revealing something you’d forgotten about what happened. Revisiting the pavement on which you fell could reveal a crack which sees you heading to professionals like those found at The Law Office of George Salinas PLLC for justice and closure. Returning to the scene of a car crash could see you remembering some fault from the other driver. Once justice was done, you’d be free to move forward without stress on your shoulders.

Give yourself time to heal

It’s crucial, too, that you give yourself adequate healing time. If you rush straight back to work, you put stress on your recovery and risk making things worse. Instead, arrange a decent chunk of time off work so that you can focus solely on getting better. Ask your doctors for a realistic estimation of your recovery time, and take it back to your employer. They should be fine with you taking the time you need here. At the very worst, they may ask you to work from home. Even this frees you to avoid stress and focus on what matters. But, you don’t know if you don’t ask.

Keep your eye on recovery

A lot of recovery-based stress can come about due to feelings of helplessness. During a long recovery, you may start to feel as though there’s no way out of your current situation. That’s sure to stress you out, which in turn increases the recovery time you do have to take. Keep feelings like these at bay by keeping one eye on recovery at all times. If you have a long path ahead of you, focus on one small thing at a time to ensure you stay positive and keep moving forward.

Staff Writer; Sherry Carter

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