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I Was Wrong When I Said #MeToo and Here’s Why…

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( There’s something that is bothering me. I understand, intimately, the particular damage that is done to anyone who has experienced sexual abuse. It literally shreds the soul and changes who we are. At the very beginning of this #metoo movement, I was up bright and early and quickly added my two cents to the conversation. Yes, I did. And I told the truth. But, I am learning that I must closely govern my knee-jerk responses…and my heart-jerk responses as well.

I am also a writer, with a very distinct “voice” and a #specialops foot-soldier in our (black peoples’) fight for justice and equality. If you know me or have ever talked to me you know beyond knowing – THIS IS WHAT I DO AND I MEAN IT WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.

However, I was wrong in aligning myself and my “voice” with the #metoo movement. For clarity’s sake, please know I will never stop advocating for and defending my black sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters against anyone who would seek to violate them in that manner – EVER.  Again: I was not and am not wrong for exposing predators and the acts they commit. And I am not afraid to do so, for I was born to do this. BUT…

I was wrong for lending my voice and my energy and OUR story and OUR pain to a “movement” that has, historically, HIJACKED OUR NARRATIVE to further THEIR agendas, only to leave us holding the bags of our brokenness and our nothingness in the eyes of this country. I was wrong for thinking that “we” were all alike in our experiences and pain. I was wrong for thinking our collective voices mattered for all of us. I was thinking a win for one of us would be a win for the “least of these.”

I have come into an awareness, my gentle-friends, that in the trends and themes and in the common things this world is constantly waving before us…there is ALWAYS a chasm that is deep and wide and long and filled with our blood and ignored screams, that divides us, the darker-hued, from those that are white and move through life with unmerited privilege and entitlement. CHOOSE YOUR ALLIES CAREFULLY!!! *re-read*

So, for the record, I don’t care WHO presents stating their support and alliance for OUR causes and plights. It can be LBGTPalooza or FemNazisUnite – I DON’T CARE. My love for individuals who may identify with these groups will HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MY DECISION TO NOT RECIPROCATE THE GESTURE BY DECLARING OUR SOCIETAL/POLITICAL/SOCIAL ALLIANCE.

There is a documented history of groups that claim brotherhood or sisterhood due to shared hurtful experiences only to ride our black backs and use our eloquent black voices to get their fair shares of justice and equality and protection by federal law…

I no longer will be an unwitting mule that carries the agendas of those who prove time and time and time again, that at the end of the day, we still are nowhere near the worth of ONE white woman who “felt uncomfortable (sigh).” Prove me wrong if you can.

There are people RIGHT HERE that I LOVE and I know that have suffered because of gender or sexual identity issues, so please don’t confuse what I am saying and the stance I am taking as far as the #metoo movement is concerned, and for my love you. There are powers at play that are greater than any one of our shared experiences and that seek any and every opportunity to use, abuse, and exploit our pain and vulnerability for the gain of a select few.

President Trump humiliated us, again, in front of the entire world as he positions us for WWIII because of his arrogance and wicked agendas. There are scores of people working overtime to push drunken, sexually inappropriate (as hard as it is to muster up THAT kind of image), wholly inexperienced and ill-prepared for the job, handpicked by our racist president to appoint for a lifetime, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who will DIRECTLY affect our lives and the lives of our children for many, many years…but all we see over and over and over again is Bill Cosby being led away to state prison, in handcuffs. #DeadManWalking  #NotMe #NotMine #NeverAgain

Staff Writer; Lisa R. Partee (a.k.a Ruby TruthSeeker)

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