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Why Do We Protect Female Predators.

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(ThySistas.com) In the climate we live in when we think of sexual assault men come to mind. When we address molestation often times we are addressing men. We have gotten to a place by which mothers that have sons are told by the mothers of daughters they need to train their sons not to be predators. In large, the #MeToo movement and others like it shine a light on men that abuse women, and those that defend those monsters. When we discuss rape culture we put the major focus on men as the assailant. It is true there are evil men that commit these acts.

Men that molest children and rape both women and men need to be stopped at all cost. Men that commit these acts are toxic, and in some instances fatal. None of that is being refuted here. However, this a serious problem in the discussion of toxic behavior and rape culture…it often omits women as the predator.

Within the community of women, we must begin to deal with he predators that are in our ranks. It is unfortunate that many of us don’t see the battle against rape culture as a humanity issue. Too many of us approach the subject as a matter women verses men. When it is mentioned that men get raped, and some by women, we are quick to bring up the states about how many women are raped, and how many rapes go unreported. Unfortunately, men report less than women because in this society admitting to sexual violation is seen as a weakness.

We must come for women that rape, molest, and abuse other women and men with the same intensity that we seek out men. If we don’t we are sending a very hypocritical message. We are basically saying its okay to be a predator as long as you are not a man. Children are left vulnerable when we don’t want to deal with mothers, aunts, female cousins and female friends that commit the acts of molestation, rape and sexual assault.

Is is okay for a woman to beat her male partner? Is it okay for a woman to beat on her female partner? Think about that because those situations exist more than we want to acknowledge. Is it okay for women to ouch our sons and daughters inappropriately? Of course, it is not okay, and we need to question why female predators are often overlooked in relation to their male counterparts. In collegiate and adult nightlife scenes men are not the only users of the date rape drug.

Yes, women lip drugs in the drinks of other women in order to engage in non-consensual sexual activity. However, when it’s over the female predator is going to try to make her victim feel that everything that happened was natural and just women being free and exploring each other. If her victim is a male…he’s no man if he utters the word rape…he wanted it because all men want sex all the time right…wrong, We need to re-valuate the way we view crimes of a sexual nature and all matters of abuse. We must seek to bring all to justice that commit these heinous crimes, and this includes female predators. We can’t take a stance against men that do these things while remaining silent regarding women. Do not their victims deserve justice?

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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